Like all moms, I roll with the punches. Never did I envision having to ninja and roundhouse-kick my way through birthdays, holidays, weddings, baby showers, gift exchanges, job gifts, and other special events. I’m not a mom who loves to shop, and judging by most of my loved ones, they don’t either.

One thing’s for sure, gift giving is a treachorous path to navigate. The advertising world would have us believe that it’s mandatory to give glitzy, expensive, and perfect gifts. I’m here to redefine what “perfect” is and bring it back to meaningful (and in the realistic budget range). I would also like to point out that actions speak louder than gifts. Supporting someone in this way means more than any physical gift you could give.

Some may lable this as a snarky mom blog, or a funny mom blog. Thank you, I take this as a compliment. A woman doesn’t survive raising a family without developing some quirky and demented sense of humor.

Speaking of moms, below are some of my favorite TV moms. Just like them, I’ve learned to triumph in the face of daily life. No apologies, this is the mindset you need to bravely take on the unpredictable world of gift giving.

Are you in? Let’s do this!

Renee Cavvy and the GGS Team

I owe everything to Sesame Street.

A special shoutout to Sesame Street. After hundreds of blog articles, I realize it all comes down to sorting: Which of these things is not like the other?

If you missed this important life skill, watch the video.