Confirmation Cards That Aren’t BORING

People seek out Confirmation cards because they don’t know what to say, or are not artistic themselves. Good news! There are waaaay better options out there than most of those old, tired and uninspiring Confirmation cards!

If you are struggling with what to write in the Confirmation card, check out this article for Confirmation well wishes ideas. Full disclosure, I link to some great artists that I want to give some air time to. Since I don’t have permission to use their fabulous artwork, you will have to check them out yourself.

Whether you hand the card over at the Confirmation party celebration, or mail it, there are lots of lovely Confirmation cards to express yourself.

I will be sure to update when I do get permission, or am able to replace with better examples. For now, it’s just me taking pictures in the greeting card aisle!

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Bright red Confirmation card with silver tassle for grandson.
This beautiful Confirmation card with embossed silver and silver cord tassle, represents red for the Holy Spirit, dedicated to a grandson.

Personalized Confirmation cards from Etsy

My happy meter went up when I discovered that there are artists who can personalize a Confirmation card – and inexpensively, too! A personalized Confirmation card means buying a card (usually online) with the confirmandi’s name added or incorporated into the message on the front of the card.

It instantly looks special. Here are some artists who do an especially nice job with their Confirmation card selection.

Personalized Confirmation cards with image of boy or girl

Take for example RoisenandRobin. Denise McGee is the owner of the Etsy Company that specializes in custom greeting cards. Denise designs cards with images of people that can be taylored to look like the person, and then adds the honoree’s name for an extra personal touch.

Here is a quote from a happy customer, “A perfect card and bookmark for my niece’s Confirmation. Came with a personal, handwritten note from the artist.” I love handwritten notes from artists. Going for special and unique? This is it!

Denise even takes custom hair colors for the images to really make them capture the image of the confirmandi. It’s so hard to find good Confirmation cards, especially for boys, and these are perfect. Her artistic style is warm and personable – not stuffy (like most traditional Confirmation cards are!). As expected, RoisenandRobin offers all kinds of cards to fit any occasion.

Layered, cut Confirmation card with 3-d affect for daugher.
Layered, cut Confirmation card with 3-d affect for daugher.

Papercut personalized Confirmation cards

Yes, you heard me right – papercut. Doesn’t it blow your mind? The Etsy shop Handmade31 specializes in paper cut cards. Artist Jenni A. offers intricate paper designs to delight the eye. Here is a raving review, “The cards are so beautiful with intricate detail and personalized even down to the color of the background. I will definitely order from this seller again!”

I am assuming the designs are hand cut because the store is called “handmade.” A close friend of mine had given me papercut framed art as a wedding gift. The hand cut intricate paper design had a heart in the middle – she used her caligraphy talents to add my wedding date. It is so amazingly beautiful and unique, I treasure it to this day!

Paper cut designs, whether by hand, cricut, or laser, are always frame-worthy. For a personalized Confirmation card, its very inexpensive. Add a frame and you have a complete gift.

Confirmation card for goddaughter, light blue background with dove in front.
There are even Confirmation cards for godsons and goddaughters!

Cheerful personalized Confirmation cards

Does your Confirmation card pass the uplifting test? Check out these bright and cheerful inked in drawings with bright colors that come in a variety of Confirmation cards by Etsy shop QuackingCards. The artist describes the media as “watercolor paint print.”

Here is a raving review: “

Here is a raving review: “The recipient loved it so much and it was also special because it came from Ireland (I included the envelope it arrived in so she could see it). I will order from this company again!!”

QuackingCards offers a few different Confirmation designs as well as cards for other religious events and life events. People – look at these prices. You would spend the same amount of money on a card off the gift store shelf! I vote for going the personalized route with an original work by an artist. You can’t lose!

Simple Confirmation card with modern font style and dove.
A simple and modern Confirmation card may be more to your style.

Funny Confirmation cards

Some of us have a difficult time with heavy and serious subjects. Topics of faith and religion make some people uncomfortable. It’s not irreverant to give a funny Confirmation card, but you have to understand the humor and it should be easily understood by others.

I’ve come across a few examples that I feel were in poor taste. In addition, what you think is funny, may not be to the confirmandi or their family. Proceed with caution!

The safest bet is to grab a blank card and write in your Confirmation sentiments – your way. If your host really knows you, they will understand your humour!

Fun font and light-hearted, colorful Confirmation card design.
At first glance, this looks like a funny Confirmation card. The choice of font, and colorful graphics make it look fun!

I shoutout to Holy Cow, Etsy If you’re really looking for something more cartoonish in the religious genre, they have it. Believe me, I understand that religious events make some people very uncomfortable, especially if you are not a member of that faith.

If humour helps you be more comfortable with the event, then embrace it! There will, of course, but few humourous or funny Confirmation cards to choose from.

Other Etsy Confirmation card shops

I cannot possibly list all of the Etsy shops that offer Confirmation cards. Like I said, it’s a gold mine! Here are a few more:

  • EpiphanyDesignsNI “Luxury” personalized Confirmation cards. Stunningly beautiful design with emphasis on presentation and paper quality.
  • Dovetailink Artist quality doodle-style art with color, encapturing a special prayer to the Holy Spirit. This is actually an 11″x14″ art print. It is not personalized, but the prayer is magnificent. Words from the artist:  “I love how this drawing turned out, and honestly, when Holy-Spirit-themed art turns out wonderfully, the Holy Spirit should get the credit!”
  • Laquarta Etsy shop features a Confirmation card with a saint on it (Catholic Confirmation). Not sure if this shop would personalize for the saint that the Catholic confirmandi chose? Any card personalized for the saint choice would be a nice touch!

Handmade Confirmation cards

Just like the Etsy artists, you can make your own card. Splurge from actual card blanks off of Amazon, or create from paper scraps around the house. Even though I have been lucky to be born with an artistic talent, I can’t say I’ve ever made a card for anyone (besides the mandatory homemade Mother’s Day card).

My daughter-in-law started doing this with some short tutorials that she found off on Pinterest. They turned out remarkably well, she did some drawings of poppeys. These too, are frameworthy. Pen and ink greetings cards are very satisfying to create; I know my daughter-in-law took great pride in her artistic achievement.

Homemade Confirmation cards made on brown kraft paper.
Homemade Confirmation cards can be stamped, designs drawn with pen and ink, or try paper crafting for a special touch.

Nature is always a safe bet for homemade Confirmation card (birds and trees, for example). If you like working with stamps, you should easily find nature-themed stamps. If you’re a photographer, you can make a card from an inspiring nature photo such as a beautiful tree or inspiring sunrise. As an artist, paint or draw anything that you want to connect with the person or Confirmation event.

Another safe bet are geometric designs, doodling, or “zentangles.” You’re probably wondering what zentangles are! Zentangles are creative drawing for relaxation, inspiration, and fun. Some people call it miniature abstract art. It’s simply a collection of patterns not meant to represent anything.

Confirmation bookmarks
Anyone can make a Confirmation bookmark! Check out these doodle and zentangle ideas.

Often, the creator just keeps the art in a sketchbook, but some people create on mini-sizes of art paper and then frame them in mini-frames. There is something magical about them (maybe it is the “mini” part about it). You could even jot down a short note on the back of the frame to make a more direct connection with the Confirmation celebration.

Confirmation bookmarks and paper crafts

The picture above gives some ideas for bookmarks using the idea of doodling, or zentangles. You could easily pen in the confirmandi’s name and create doodle art around the name. Adding a special Confirmation quote is perfect for this type of craft. Or go bold and make the central focus around one important word.

If you already make homemade cards, you may have explored working with specialty paper. My kids went through a phase where they would make homemade popup cards. One really cool thing that an intern did at my job as a thank you was to leave everyone with a little origami bird. It was such a memorable, personal, and unexpected touch.

Confirmation card.
Pick a meaningful Confirmation card out for youth that gets their attention.
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