Confirmation, Palanca, and Kairos Retreat Letter Examples

Here are some sample retreat confirmation letters to help you start drafting yours. All of the letters below are fictitious (seriously, I could do this all day long, my pen has the gift of gab!).

Although it may say sample letters to son, daughter, niece, nephew, etc., they are all interchangeable. I wrote how I would write. My style is not overly-religious (that would probably scare the confirmandi!). I tried to demonstrate that anyone at any level of faith can pull off a successful confirmation letter.

These letters are pretty flexible and can be used in most Christian faiths. I know that confirmation retreats for Catholic youth are a “thing,” but Lutheran teens have retreats, too. If you’re looking for a Palanca letter example or a sample kairos letters from parents, any should do.

Honestly, a lot of these ideas could transition over to well wishes for Confirmation cards.

If you want more of a how-to for writing a Confirmation letter, check out “Things to Write in a Confirmation Letter (or Palanca or Kairos Retreat). Don’t miss great ideas for Confirmation gifts, you’ll be needing that, too!

Table of Contents

Catholic confirmation candidate sitting on the grass with his Confirmation sponsor.
A Confirmation candidate spends meaningful time with his Confirmation sponsor.

Please scan the sample confirmation retreat letters and pick out what most appeals to you. Before you know it, you will write a note in your own style. I encourage you to dive deep and write something positive. Young ears will open up easier to hear your words.

There’s nothing wrong with imploring help from Christ, the Holy Spirit, or the Angels. The more extraordinary powers are ready to guide you in finding the perfect words for your confirmation letter.

By the way, check out “How to Write a Confirmation Retreat Letter” for an outline of what could/should be in the letter.

Example confirmation letter to my son


You are so important to me.

I know that life hasn’t been easy for you. I know when Mom and I got a divorce that it hurt you. Sometimes the way we acted and behaved was not good. We definitely needed to display better role modeling as parents. I am so sorry for that.

I am in a much better place now. When I first met your mother, we were madly in love and had YOU. You’re the best thing that ever happened in my life. You are now getting parent version 2.0, the new and improved Mom and Dad.

We both want to do right by you, but that doesn’t mean you get a free pass. We are still united in our parenting decisions (thank goodness we can agree on that!). Trust me, buddy, it may be tough love at times, but I am committed to being the best dad I can be for you; I owe you that.

Father and son in a casual hug.
Write casually, with honesty, and from the heart when writing a Confirmation retreat letter to your son.

I’m a little uncomfortable talking about my relationship with God. I can get better about that, but there are a few things you need to hear. I do talk to God every day. THE BIG GUY AND I ARE CONSTANTLY CONVERSING when I’m sitting in traffic or waiting in line to get some coffee.

I hope you find that same relationship with God because it’s fantastic. I always have someone to talk with about problems and things I might worry about. One thing is for sure, He’s always been there for me.

In the same way, I’ll always be there for you; if you ever want to talk, I hope that you can feel you can!


Palanca letter example to daughter


I cannot get over how you have grown and turned into such a beautiful young woman. When I count my blessings, I trust you!

I am so very proud of you. You’re such a good kid. One of my favorite things about you is thinking of others and your acts of kindness. When I’m sick, you’re such a good nurse to me! I remember the time you built a makeshift dog house so Rocket could be more comfortable during the winter.

Mother and daughter sitting on a couch, laughing and reading a letter together.
Confirmation letters to daughters should be full of encouragement and love.

God has blessed you with the gift of empathy and tenderness. The world needs your bright light and big heart.

When I see you, I know a person full of talent and skill. You can do anything you want. I enjoy our talks and hope you understand my door is always open.

Sometimes I worry that others don’t appreciate you like I do (how could they? I’m your mom!). I want you to know that you are valued and loved, even if you sometimes feel sad over relationships that don’t turn out how you want. I’m always there for you, even in the bad times.

This weekend you are in strength training, training your faith muscles! Learn and know God and the power already deep inside you. Get your “faith game” on and gather some good friends, good Bible quotes, and inspirational stories that can carry you for life.

Everyone should have a few good go-tos to iron-clad their relationship with God. Even your dad surprises me sometimes with some neat things he will quote me. Here’s one from me:

“When you’re in a dark place, you might feel like you’ve been buried. Maybe… you’ve been planted. Bloom!”

Grow and be the best possible Christian woman you can be. The world needs you.

-Your adoring mother

Example confirmation letter to my nephew

Dear Eric,

By now, you are reading many retreat letters from friends and family. This may have been an unexpected surprise as part of your confirmation retreat. I hope you are enjoying this particular moment.

If you find it uncomfortable, that’s a bit normal! It is a little awkward for your loved ones to put down on paper how important you are to them! But isn’t it cool?

Speaking of which, I want to share some pleasant thoughts about you. You’ve always been a polite young man, caring and considerate of others. I can only hope and pray that this unique quality of yours follows you throughout life.

Uncle embracing his nephew outdoors.
Aunts and uncles play a special role in the life of their nephew. Don’t miss the opportunity to write them an inspiring Confirmation retreat letter!

Be prepared for the rough patches, as you will be challenged about your faith and beliefs. Your judgment may not be so apparent at times. You may even find yourself making wrong choices. No one is perfect, and it’s fair to say that making mistakes is an integral part of life and growing as a person.

Be kind to yourself, whatever you do. Stay righteous, but be open to growth. Prayer is an essential tool that will aid and help you stay on the right path. The more you enter into regular conversations with God, the easier it will be to “hear” what He reveals to you.

Here is one thought I want to share with you from author Harley King:

“How little we understand
of the gifts we have been given
or the shape of the path
we took to reach our salvation.”
― Harley King, What I Was Meant To Forget

I wish for you is that you make the best out of the gifts that God gives you.

Well, now you are part of a “secret society” you can get to write your own meaningful letter to a special someone someday (just like me)!

All of my love and admiration,
Aunt Barbara

Example confirmation letter to my niece

Hi Bridgett!

I am so excited to write this particular letter to you! Seeing you grow up, get involved in sports, and help Mom and Dad with the family business has been fun. I’m proud you said “yes!” to this confirmation retreat.

Retreats are crucial because they make us slow down our busy lives and reflect on our lives. Another great thing about retreats is that the good people who put them on have a greater purpose, and that’s to stretch your brain a bit, and get you to see things differently. You may not know it, but there is essential inner growth taking place, embrace it!

An aunt and her niece hang out together and have a fun time.
Your niece will be excited and honored to get a Confirmation retreat letter from her uncle or aunt!

When I was your age, I ran into many problems with people pressuring me to make bad choices. I can only imagine the pressure you might get at times in school. It’s so easy to look back now and see how little and stupid these people were. That’s easy for “adult me” to say that, but it wasn’t so easy for the weaker and younger me to resist some of that pressure.

Think about how your decisions can cause problems, hurt others, or hurt yourself. If you have to decline a friendship because you’re not making the “popular” choice, you probably don’t need that person as your friend!

I encourage you to take more moments like these out of your life to reflect on your relationship with God, others, and life goals. You’re worth it, and I hope you do, too!

May you grow to be a good Christian role model for others. As in the words of St. Francis, “Preach the Gospel at all times, and if necessary, use words.”

I really and truly feel that you are an incredible human being. Enjoy this retreat and what it has to offer!

-Uncle Dave

Example confirmation letter from brother or sister

Tommy Bahame!!!

OK, I’ll be serious. Kudos to you on your confirmation journey. I remember mine well, there were a lot of requirements and some silly stuff, but I got through it!

I would be lying if I said the letters from family and friends weren’t my favorite part. They were totally unexpected. You might have known a little about it because I went through confirmation first… but still. It’s pretty cool to get a letter from Mom, Dad, and Grandpa, too.

The least I can do is give you advice to short-cut some of life’s lessons (what’s a sister for?). Specifically, I didn’t get the whole “gratitude” thing everyone talks about. Well, you’re a guy, so maybe it doesn’t mean anything to you, but now that I know how it works, – you’ve got to do it!

A brother and sister who share a close relationship.
Confirmaton retreat letters from a brother or sister can be an amazing gift to receive!

When you say intentions, prayers, meditate, whatever, you’ve got to be in a good place first. You are familiar with “getting up on the wrong side of the bed.” I get up in a grumpy mood more than I would care for, but you already know that, don’t you?

I started doodling in a journal, making quick notes in the morning about little stuff, like finding this fabulous dress with a sales tag on. One day the sky was so amazingly blue and lifted my spirits, so I added that to my gratitude journal. I finally found back my favorite pen that I lost – it was a total joy bump – that’s the kind of little stuff I add.

I can add big stuff, too, but the big stuff only happens a little. Yep, I start my day with the gratitude journal; I flip back through the pages to get an extra boost if I need it to remind me that, yes, indeed, the good stuff actually happens almost every day to me. I cannot believe how easier my day goes! It’s like magic!

After I have taken control of my mood and pushed it into the positive meter, then and only then do I pray or think about my day. That’s the rule, it’s pretty simple, and it WORKS.
Last words of advice, stay away from the bad dudes (I think you know who I’m talking about). You have a fantastic future in front of you, and I won’t let you screw that up!

Peace out,


Retreat letter sample for a friend


We’ve been friends forever since I stole your favorite crayons in Kindergarten (don’t hold that against me).

I don’t have the years of wisdom to write such a profound and moving confirmation letter. But I won’t let that stop me!

“You are powerful, beautiful, brilliant, and brave!” I wish I could take credit for that quote, but I can’t. You are pretty cool. I admire how you do not let people’s opinions of you matter. Me, on the other hand, not so much. You’ve been a good friend and supportive. I want to be an equally good friend to you.

“For He will order His Angels to protect you wherever you go.” – Psalm 91:11. I like this one; it helps with my anxiety 🙂

“Never put the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket.” So true. I got your back here!

“Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity.” 1 Timothy 4:12, NLT

That’s it! I want to end with something epic, but it doesn’t look like it’s in the cards. Do me a favor, and we’ll talk after the retreat and share some good thoughts. Or you can make me smarter, one of the two.

Love you,

Your bestie, Ann

Two teen girls having fun goofing off walking down a gravel road.
Close friends can write Confirmation letters of encouragement, too!

Kairos retreat letter from anyone

Dear Anthony,

I’m so glad you decided to do a Kairos retreat! You will probably realize that Kairos retreats are pretty cool when you get this letter.

I encourage you to take this unique opportunity to get in touch with yourself and ask God, “What comes next?” This is the time to relax, “stretch out” your mind and think about future paths. God is ready and waiting to join you every step of the way.

Enjoy every experience of your Kairos retreat, and may you feel a new closeness to God.

All my best, Roger


See? Confirmation retreat letters don’t have to be intimidating. If you need more directions, check out “Things to Write in a Confirmation Letter (or Palanca or Kairos Retreat).

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