Piñata Gifts for Adults

Piñatas have got to be the most perfect gift ever! Exercise is involved, they drive excitement and festivity, and there is an element of surprise.

I was shocked to find out all of the gift opportunties for not just birthdays, but weddings, Christmas, and even events like a baptism! What the heck?

I am so excited, because my most FAVORITE WINNER is first! Don’t worry, I cover all of the normal birthday stuff for little kids, but they aren’t the star of this story – the adults are!

If you want to find out the basics of filling, hanging, and piñatas, refer to Piñata 101.

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Birthday piñatas for adults

Ok, I have no less than FOUR hugely successful piñata gifting experiences to my credit for older adults. Pay attention here, if you want to get a gift for an older adult that really hits it out of the ballpark, GET A PIÑATE!

Piñatas for older adults

Why are piñatas so crazy popular with older adults? It’s something that wasn’t around when they were kids – you are fufilling their deepest childhood wish.

Below, I give you my very happy experiences giving piñatas as gifts. If you’re giving a piñata to an older adult, make sure that they are mobile enough and can participate in the action, that’s what they want.

Piñata gift experience 1

The first time I bought a piñata ever was for my mother-in-law. It was one of those “I have no idea what to get her!” I had never even bought my own kids a piñata before. The entire family was home, and honest to god, she reverted to a small, giddy and happy child within minutes of revealing her special birthday present.

The very traditional piñata was soon hoisted up a rope tied to the basketball hoop. A blindfold and bat were secured, and the piñata bustin’ commenced. Her dear hubby and son enjoyed yanking the dancing donkey stragetically away from the flying hits of the bat.

It was great fun for the audience, which included grandkids from toddlers to teens, and their parents. The day was filled with awesome memories. Probably the best one was seeing the happiness on my mother-in-law’s face. It was an amazing day!

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Piñata gift experience 2

This time the piñata gift was for my aunt, a spry 85-year old (same scenario, what the heck to give on such a momentus birthday milestone?). Ok, I was going for it, I didn’t care if anybody thought it was corny.

OMG. The look on my aunt’s face. She practically ran over all of the little kids there to defend her gift. I mean, I knew she was competitive, but wow! Again, I think this all goes back to older adults missing out on piñatas in their youth. She also really hates people thinking she is old (personally, she is my hero).

Her two sons found a rope and secured the piñata around a massive tree limb. Although she did have a walking cane, it became her weapon. She got in all the whacks she had coming to her and was just as thrilled as the little kids to see the spilling candy.

I have to confess that there was a look of relief on her kids’ faces (she does have a reputation of being a bit hard to please). It seems that the party had been saved, as her kids were hoping to make it memorable as they could. Mission accomplished.

If you want to find out the basics of filling, hanging, and piñatas, refer to Piñata 101.

Piñata gifts for Over the Hill birthday

The year was 2020 and my little brother was turning the big 5-0. It was the year of Covid-19 and pretty much all events were cancelled for health concerns.

The birthday milestone was a big one, we would have had a great time at an in-person party. I had to do something BIG. Inspiration struck in a way like it has never struck me before. Imagine me laughing my head off (if you knew me) as I’m assembling the birthday box. With every addition to the package, more chuckles were added.

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I hope this gives you a good idea of how funny my idea was… it involves a mini piñata, and a really good story.

The whole thing is just too good not to share. If you want the script and the package list, click on my link and I will send it to you free.

Needless to say, there were hilarious texts from my brother after receiving his package. I was so pleased with myself, that I sent a duplicate package to my aunt who turned 80. I’m not sure if it was such a hit for her as it was for my 50-year-old brother. Anyway, you have nothing to lose, just click the link, and it’s yours!

Wedding piñatas

OK, I did not know that this was a thing. I’m still not sure if I get it, these people must really like piñatas. The piñatas at the wedding are innocent enough, it’s the bacholer party and bridal showers that can get a little spicy.

The “rated for all audiences” version is usually a wedding cake piñata, for some reason, people really want to smash a wedding cake. They can make an appearance at the bridal shower, or other pre-wedding parties.

Wedding piñata filler ideas

As said before, wedding cake piñatas are popular. Expect to see other bridal piñata types on the scene such as wedding ring, wedding gift, wedding bell, wedding gift, or a piñata of the bride and groom themselves.

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Bridal piñata with a fun twist

As you can imagine, anything can go inside of a piñata. In the case of a bachelor or bachelorette party, the contents’ theme can be of a more intimate nature. Take for example the “panty piñata” shown on YouTube. The website doesn’t exist anymore, but the videos live on in YouTube land. I’ll let the creator of the “panty piñata” demonstrate, maybe it will inspire you if you’re hosting the bridal shower.

You’ll have to come up with your own bachelorette pinata stuffers, I will be no help!

Alcohol or booze piñatas

I did say this page covers piñatas for adults (I’m just the messenger, here!). If you’re like me, you might be curious what a piñata filled with alcohol looks like. I found the video below to give you an idea (also known as a “booze” piñata).

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The video show miniature sizes of alcohol bottles (plastic), and additions such as limes and foiled-covered chocolates for presentation.

Points to the clever person who coined this invention the “Nipyata.” This type of piñata may appeal to the new drinker (think 21st birthday), birthday milestones, or just celebrating a really big event, or just to party (spring break). Drink responsibly!

Beer, wine, and champagne piñatas

Beer piñatas are different because beer cans would hurt falling from a broken piñata. The focus is on the outside, making it look like your favorite craft beer. Artistic people have turned this into quite a competition of replicating a beer can giant size!

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I haven’t got a strong inkling of what goes inside the piñatas, but it can be anything you want. Some people may put drinking accessories like bottle openers or maybe little packs of peanuts. You really have to get as creative as the person who made the beer piñatas in the first place.

You can buy beer, wine, and champagne piñatas, but you have to fill them yourselves. The champagne piñatas can make a fun New Year’s Eve addition. Maybe your guests have to fight for the horns, party hats, and streamers!

Personalized and custom piñatas

Personalizing a piñata is a nice touch. You’re probably thinking (like I did) that you get your name slapped on the piñata. Oh, you piñatas rookie! There are companies out there that can make a piñatas look like YOU! I’m just going to say it, I find this creepy.

Not only can they make a piñata look like you, they can make it look like your bride (a bride and groom set), your dog, your favorite movie star, and your friends. Why not throw your boss in there, too? Surprisingly, I’ve seen a “best boss ever” piñata and the version that has very different intentions.

Want to really make your graduation party stand out? It wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t have your own “mini-me” piñata at the party. Of course, there’s always the popular trends of the moment, and favorite movie, game, and TV characters.

If you want to find out the basics of filling, hanging, and piñatas, refer to Piñata 101.

DIY piñatas

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you can transform any idea into a piñata. I don’t really think there are any limits here. It involves paper, cardboard, glue, and a vision. There are plenty of online tutorials if you want to go this route. If you can dream it, you can make it.

Find “how to make a pinate” books online at Amazon.

There is something for everyone in the wild world of gift piñatas for adults!

Young adults at a party, a blindfolded woman takes a swing at a piñata.
The young adults enjoy breaking open a piñata as much as little kids do!

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