Mother’s Day for Aunts – Because We Love ‘Em!

Mother’s Day for aunts recently came to my attention. Aunts are as much treasured as our dear mothers! Giving them the attention they deserve sometimes leads to confusion, such as in this recent email:

Dear Renee,

Should I give my aunt a gift on Mother’s Day. Help! I don’t know what to do!

Do you realize this puts me in the position of an “agony aunt”? Don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard of it (it’s British). An agony aunt is “a person, usually a woman, who advises people with personal problems.”

Admittedly, I’m a bit biased in the gift-giving department. Holidays have morphed into guilting us into buying gifts when they are not necessary. So, to give or not to give?

If you’re struggling with this dilemma or even wondering about the etiquette of wishing your aunt Happy Mother’s Day, read on!

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This question really got me thinking about my own aunts. Although they are all wonderful people, I am particularly fond of one. She is my mother’s only sister, and I would describe their relationship as best friends. Auntie is important in my mother’s life, so she is vital in my life.

A group photo of sisters embracing.
Here’s to the aunts on Mother’s Day!

My mom passed away earlier than she should have (she was ten years younger than my aunt). Although my aunt has her own children, my sister and I constantly check in on her. It’s funny because she is difficult for her children, but she appreciates us!

Your aunt would be honored to get a Mother’s Day card, call, or gift from you. Whether you would feel comfortable giving one to her is up to you. It can be awkward, especially if your aunt has her own kids. You could even be in a situation where your mom is putting pressure on you to nurture a relationship that doesn’t exist.

Aunts are special and should be acknowledged on Mother’s Day!

Actually, that brings up a funny story. My mom would buy teacher gifts, and one year for Valentine’s Day, she instructed me to give my teacher a small, heart-shaped box of candy. The problem was I was in 7th grade. No one else was giving their teachers valentines – and this was a male teacher. I obediently set the candy on my teacher’s desk. It wasn’t until years later that I experienced a delayed flush of embarrassment – he must have thought I had a crush on him!

My advice? You do you. There are many ways to acknowledge your aunt on Mother’s Day that feel entirely natural and authentic; we’ll explore those below. What will be suitable for one person won’t be right for another. Let’s go!

When would you wish your aunt Happy Mother’s Day?

When would you wish your aunt Happy Mother’s Day? This falls into an etiquette question. Are you OK with sending wishes to your aunt? How about a friend or neighbor?

A good friend and I were recently chatting about Mother’s Day greetings. He explained that in his family, Mother’s Day was viewed as a celebration of all mother figures. He continued that Mother’s Day was like every other holiday; it’s just a reminder to tell people you love or appreciate them.

What a lovely thought! It can still be difficult for some people to wish an aunt Happy Mother’s Day. Not surprisingly, it has become more accessible, especially as our dear aunt ages. We treasure our loved ones more every passing day, appreciating the time we have left with them.

Nephew and family visiting aunt on Mother's Day.
Happy Mother’s Day, Auntie!

When would you wish your aunt Happy Mother’s DayWhen you are emotionally close to them or in the same room! All joking aside, your inner barometer will guide you. Some people even send their sister-in-law’s Mother’s Day cards. I received such a card once, and I have to say it made me feel very uncomfortable!

Don’t let my reaction scare you off. I didn’t have a close relationship with my sister-in-law. She misjudged the situation. If she had seen me in person and wished me “Happy Mother’s Day!” I would have felt quite comfortable. I view a verbal greeting as a no-strings-attached, no-commitment, no cost, acceptable way for a relative to recognize me on Mother’s Day. And I’m OK with that.

Check out “Prayers for Aunts” covering birthdays, sickness, passing away and words for condolence cards.

Here are two opinions that might help you. Your choice to reach out to your aunt not only depends on you, but the person your aunt is:

Reaction 1: [in reponse to “should I call my aunt on Mother’s Day] “It sounds like you’ve never called them on Mothers Day before, and honestly, as an aunt myself, it would be weird to me if any of my siblings’ kids called to wish me “Happy Mothers Day.”

Reaction 2: “If I happen to be talking to a mother on Mother’s Day, I wish them a happy mother’s day. I’m going to call my sister-in-law in a bit to wish her the same. It’s really not that hard for people you’re close to.

The key guidance here when reaching out to an aunt is “if you’re close to her.” To be clear, saying “Happy Mother’s Day” to an aunt is a kind gesture, not on obligatory one.

Ways to appreciate your aunt on Mother’s Day

It’s natural (and good human being stuff) to show kindness to an aunt. If we are good people, we will watch out for an aging aunt (or uncle), especially if they struggle with health, live on a fixed income, or need help otherwise. If we want a great family, we have to contribute, too.

In the case of an uncle passing away, family dynamics can change. One niece shared that Mother’s Day plans changed after her uncle died. She insisted her aunt join her family for a Mother’s Day brunch and planned on giving her aunt flowers. Taking care of loved ones is what family is about.

A family sharing a Mother's Day brunch with an aunt.
A family sharing a Mother’s Day brunch with an aunt.

Many people make Mother’s Day a group event, such as having a nice brunch. A local event center hosted a trendy Mother’s Day brunch. Since they had large, round banquet tables, it was a custom to gather a group of people to fill the tables. There might be neighbors and friends, all sitting at the same table, enjoying the Mother’s Day meal together. Don’t you just love small-town life?

When your aunt has been like a mother to you

When you feel that your aunt has been like a mother to you (a positive and loving influence) it’s natural to show a special esteem towards her. You may feel moved to do more than wish her a Happy Mother’s Day. She may have gone above and beyond helping you, or you may have even lived with her.

If your aunt has stepped into a mothering role for you, it would be the right thing to do to show your appreciation. You might want to quietly ask your uncle about it to ensure your thoughtfulness will be appreciated and accepted in the manner you intend. He may even have some good ideas and want to participate.

Mother's Day card for an aunt with inspirational message.
Mother’s Day card for an aunt with inspirational message.

Let’s make this easy for you; they have Mother’s Day cards that specifically say “like a mother to me.” Traditional Mother’s Day gifts, such as flowers or plants, may be perfect for your aunt.

There is no way to go wrong with a nice gesture for your aunt, especially if your aunt doesn’t have kids of her own. Let her know that she has treated you as a mother would, and you realize how special that is.

Mother’s Day messages to an aunt

Looking for a little inspiration for those Mother’s Day messages to an aunt? If you are a niece or nephew trying to find the perfect words, I can help.

Below are some examples of things to write in Mother’s Day aunt cards. There isn’t be a great selection of aunt cards to choose from and cards that express your exact sentiments. It will be up to you to jot in a meaningful message.

You can still make it special if you can’t find the right card. If you’re artistic, you can make the card yourself. My favorite is finding an artist’s card or someone who has created a drawing of local places. You can even tuck in a favorite photo or memory.

Niece hugging her aunt on Mother's Day.
A niece giving her great-aunt a hug on Mother’s Day.

Make sure to tell your aunt how much you love her and appreciate her. Feel the need to write more? Mention a specific time that she helped you and why it was necessary. To honor your aunt, be the kind and caring person she is. Through her example, you can continue spreading more love into this world.

Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful aunt! Thank you for always inspiring, encouraging and loving me. I hope you have a beautiful day!

Wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day to the most amazing, awesome, aunt.

Happy Mom Day!

“You’ve stepped in and have been a mother to me when I needed it most. Happy Mother’s Day.

You’ve been a role model to me and my children. We admire your hard work and determination in everything you do. We enjoyed the time that we spent with you learning how to make Grandma Rose’s bread pudding recipe. We had so much fun that day! We want you to know how special you are to us. Happy Mother’s Day!

Thank you for helping me out when I most needed it. I can’t tell you what it means to give me a place to stay after my divorce. Please don’t hesitate to ask me for help, I am here and happy to do a chore or errand, you just say when! I love you so much!

Aunt Mother’s Day quotes

Aunt Mother’s Day quotes are not as bountiful as Mother’s Day quotes. When you see a good one, write it down. Better yet, be original and create your own worth quoting!

The best aunts aren’t substitute parents… they’re co-conspirators. – Darly Gregory

A quote for an aunt on Mother's Day: Aunts are the ones that stand by moms when nieces and nephews enter the world. -by Karen Moore
Inspirational Mother’s Day quotes for aunts.

Aunts are the ones that stand by moms when nieces and nephews enter the world. – Karen Moore

Aund and niece working on a project together.
Aunts are like our second moms (or at least they balance our own mom out). For those lucky enough to have a close aunt in their life, treat her special on Mother’s Day to show you really do appreciate her.
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