Prayer for Your Aunt

The older we get, we embrace prayer. It becomes more “easy” for us to talk about praying, to request prayers, and to say a prayer for others.

Such was the case when I had a young nephew fall very ill; it was a life-threatening event. The doctors were puzzled and didn’t know what to do for him. I did not hesitate to ask my coworkers to pray for him. Full disclosure, I do not make it a habit to talk about religion, prayer, or otherwise at work. Am I overly religious? No. But God and I have pretty good communication lines open.

Three weeks later, a coworker asked how my nephew was doing, and I said it looked like he got to leave the hospital! She then looked at me for a moment and then asked if I would say a prayer for her aunt. “Of course, I would!” I responded.

Nephew giving his aunt a kiss on the head.
Your aunt would appreciate your prayers!

Turns out her aunt was diagnosed with an incurable cancer. Prayer was the only thing anyone could do at this point. It was clear that my coworker loved her aunt. I was honored that she felt safe enough to request prayer, probably only because I opened myself up first.

I’ve penned a few prayers for aunts that you might find inspiring. Note: these are actually prayers that I have written. They are not gathered from the Internet. Blessings come from the heart; let your own honest and true intentions guide your words.

Let’s get our prayer game on!

Birthday prayer for aunt

Birthday prayers for aunt:

Dear God, look over Aunt Beth and bless her with good health and happiness. I pray that she always feels the warmth of love from her family.

Zany senior caucasion woman with party hat on and blowing a party horn, celebrating her birthday.
Birthday prayers for aunt? Of course! Cake photo credit Jim the Photographer, Flickr.

Prayer for sick aunt

We love our aunts so much; we don’t want them to suffer when sick! It’s natural to turn to prayer. Here are some ideas for prayers for a sick aunt, a sick aunt in the hospital, or just healing prayers for an aunt’s quick recovery.

Dear Lord, look over Aunt Catherine and bring your healing power into her life. Remove her pain, remove her fear, and help her find hope. Deliver the correct medical answers and solutions her family needs at the right time to assist with her recovery. Give her family the energy and strength to make decisions that they feel will be the best for Aunt Catherine. Please bless Aunt Catherine and her family answers with the answers they need to start the healing process.

Niece with her sick aunt recovering from accident.
Besides visits and comforting a sick aunt, we can offer prayer for her quick recovery!

Dear God, please heal Aunt Germaine. If it is your wish and time that she returns to her heavenly home, bring her inner peace, and bring peace to her family. I pray that her pain is minimal and she is comfortable. I pray that her caregivers have a soft touch and know and anticipate her every need.

Jesus, send down your healing power and help Aunt Maude to recover quickly from COVID. Breathe strength into her lungs and body. Shield her mind from any doubts and raise her spirits to find the inner strength to overcome her present health struggles. In your Holy Name, amen!

Dear God, please send your angels to Aunt Irma and give her hope to battle cancer. Enter every cell of her body and purge the sick and cancerous cells from her. Envelop Aunt Irma with your deep and everlasting love, bringing her inner peace and calm to fight her cancer. Please help her be strong and surround her with a positive support team that will lovingly care for and fight alongside her.

Prayer for aunt who passed away

It hurts to lose an aunt that you are close to. Our grief is real. Sometimes our prayers are for her children and/or husband she left behind. Occasionally, our prayers may float to Heaven in a new connection with our loved one.

Wife comforting husband whose aunt passed away.
Losing an aunt, especially a beloved favorite aunt, is a sad event.

Words of sympathy for an aunt

Poems, tributes, and words of sympathy for an aunt are all ways to express your loss. Feel free to use these example to write in a sympathy card or tribute for a special aunt.

“I pray that you have the strength and courage to deal with the days and months ahead without dear Aunt Betsy. She was a wonderful person and a role model of all that was good. We miss her and are thinking of you. God Bless!”

“I always imagined what Heaven would be like. Knowing that Aunt Marilyn is there is such a comforting thought. I can still see her with her bingo cards in hand, donning her favorite purple sweater! She had such a sense of humour and always lit a room up. We’re really going to miss her!”

“I know it must really be hard to lose Aunt Edith. She was one in a million. You can take comfort that you honored her by being a good daughter and son, caring for her in her last days. She can be proud that she raised such caring and loving children!”

“I have good memories of Aunt Sharon. She was an angel who was always giving of her time unselfishly. I hope that I can leave the world a better place, just like she did.”

“Aunt Margaret was always there for me. It would mean a lot to me if I could do something special for you and your family during this difficult time. Just call, I really want to support you in every way that I can!”

“Aunt Jean talked about you guys all the time, she was so proud of you. Sometimes moms don’t tell their kids that, it’s important for me to share that and you to hear it. My prayers and thoughts are with you.”

Elderly aunt.
You love your aunt! Say a prayer for her birthday, or if she is sick. Even is this wonderful woman passes away, there are prayers to be said!
Renee Cavvy
Renee Cavvy

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