Confirmation Cake Ideas

Ya gotta have a Confirmation cake!

The Confirmation cake is a standard tradition in many families. It’s part of a celebration of the sacrament of Confirmation (for Catholics) and a rite that marks the passage from childhood to youth for Lutherans.

It always seemed to me to be a secret of how the Confirmation cakes magically appeared the day of the Confirmation event. The real truth is that my mother knew everyone in the cake maker network in our local community. It’s these mother skills that I treasure the most of by-gone celebrations.

In larger communities, you may not have the same local network. Large grocery chains will personalize the cakes for you. You might even spring for a popular ice cream cake. Just be sure to call ahead as cake orders could be limited during peak event times.

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Family and friends in a church taking pictures after a Confirmation ceremony.
Parents and family crowding in for Confirmation pictures in the Catholic Church. Photo credit: Mike Benedetti.

Confirmation cake toppers

Nothing gets a parent off the hook like a cake topper!

New to me is the idea that you can buy personalized cake toppers that share the same sentiments of the day. Just purchase the lasered message and drop it into any piped, decorated, and frosted cake from the supermarket and you are good to go!

There are plenty of ideas on the Internet for cake toppers for Confirmation cakes. Don’t forget that you can always put a statue on a cake, but this is much more common for 1st Communion. Kneeling cake topper.

Edible Confirmation cake toppers

Are you looking for a Confirmation cake picture screen? Not a lot out there, but here is one I found on Amazon (below). You can also get your hands on edible Confirmation theme cake decorations like crosses and Bibles.

You may want to focus on the design of the cake and include some custom piped on words. The confirmandi’s name, a meaningful Bible quote, and/or the date will add lots to the cake. Be careful, or the cake will start to look too busy!

Confirmation cake designs

Soooo many Confirmation cake designs! All I can say is God bless fondant! It only takes a quick tour online to realize that Confirmation cakes can get quite extravagant.

First of all, let’s cover what types of Confirmation cake images would be appropriate to include on a Confirmation cake:

  • dove (symbol of the Holy Spirit)
  • cross (usually flowery and yummy!)
  • flowers (because frosting flowers are neutral, and they are yummy, too!)
  • rosary
  • Bible
A Confirmation cake in the shape of an open Bible.
Confirmation cake shaped like Bible. Photo credit: wideonet.

Confirmation cake decorations can be piped on or as stated previously, or craftily made out of fondant.

I came across one “Confirmation” cake that was sprinkled with fondant representatives of makeup: compact, lipstick, jewelery, etc. At the cost of being unpopular (it’s a mom role I am good at) this is a bad idea and even hinges on being disrespectful of the sacred event.

Granted, I’m not in that mother’s (or dad’s) shoes, and it could have been a pure survival tactic to meet a challenging teen half-way. I would suggest a separate and smaller personalized cake if you feel that is necessary. It still recognizes the teen’s individuality while honoring the importance of the religious event.

That brings up another important question, should the confirmandi have a say in the cake design? I would guess that most teens do not care about the cake, but they probably care if it is white, chocolate, marble, or whatever other flavor they prefer. Don’t cut them out of their own event. Try to at least offer Confirmation cake choices and if they seem disinterested, then forge forward with the final decision.

Confirmation cupcakes and cookies

If you’re looking for a single serve Confirmation dessert, how about cupcakes or cookies? It’s easy to take it one step more and add a religious symbol to tie in with the Confirmation event.

Confirmation cupcakes and cookies.
Cupcakes and cookies make wonderful Confirmation celebration treats. Photo credit: Scott Wilcoxon and Cupcake KITSCHen Custom Desserts.

Confirmation cake shapes

Confirmation cakes come in every shape and form. It’s fun to see the cake artistry gifted bakers can turn out. With that said, sheet cakes (large rectangular cakes) are still popular, as you have a lot of space to add a message. Round cakes are also quite popular, with square cakes less so. If you want to expand past simple forms, Confirmation cakes can be made in these special shapes:

  • open Bible shape
  • shape of cross
  • cupcakes, or cupcakes encircling main cake
Confirmation cupcakes.
These Confirmation cupcakes are personalized with names on fondant cross-shapes. Photo credit: Jen Sterling, Flickr.

Sayings for Confirmation cakes

If you want to make the cake extra special, personalize it with the confirmandi’s name and add the date if there is room. It’s not surprising how often I rely on this information to date a religious event years later!

Deciding on the perfect wording of the cake can sometimes be difficult. Best practice: short and sweet (pun intended!). Mix it up with a religious symbol, such as a cross or popular dove (representative of the Holy Spirit in Confirmation).

In the Catholic faith, confirmands choose saint names for Confirmation. If you’re not familiar with that, it’s basically choosing the name of a role model of a saint or “blessed” (someone on their way to sainthood) who displays admirable human traits and strong faith. The neat thing is that a confirmandi can choose a male or female saint name, regardless of their own gender.

Confirmation cakes with messages piped on in icing.
Confirmation sayings for cake. Photo credit: artistmac (Josie); Jim the Photographer (Christoper); Ursale Dwyer (to Zhane).

Given the huge importance of choosing a saint name for Catholics, it makes sense that special name makes it on the cake, too. But – you only have so much space! Most of the time, it’s usually just the confirmandi’s first name on the cake, but there are no hard and fast Confirmation cake rules. Below are some ideas for sayings to add to your Confirmation cake.

  • God Bless You
  • God Bless (Name)
  • God Bless (Name) On Your Confirmation Day
  • God Bless You on Your Confirmation (Name)
  • To (Name) with love on your Confirmation
  • Blessings on your Confirmation
  • Blessed Confirmation Day
  • Happy Confirmation
  • (Name’s) Confirmation
  • Confirmation Blessings (Name)
  • On Your Confirmation
  • On Your Confirmation Day
  • Confirmation of (Name)
  • Confirmed in Faith
  • Confirmed in Christ
  • Congratulations on Your Confirmation
  • Bible verse
  • Confirmed in Faith
  • He is the Light!
  • May the Holy Spirit Light Your Way
  • Rejoice in the Spirit
  • Listing of the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit (wisdom, understanding, fortitude counsel, knowledge, piety, fear of the Lord) or listed as “Fruits of the Holy Spirit”/”Gifts of the Holy Spirit”
  • Sacrament of Confirmation (Catholic)
  • All present and celebrating confirmand’s names (if it’s a shared Confirmation cake)
  • Be sealed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit
Simple, homemade Confirmation cake.
A simple “Happy Confirmation” and homemade cake made with love will be memorable! Photo credit: David Joyce.

Most people may choose to add a Bible verse reference. Obviously, the odds of fitting a whole Bible verse on a cake probably won’t happen. I saw one Confirmation cake that squeezed in the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit (Catholic reference).

If you choose a Bible verse reference, obviously it must be meaningful. Due to my propensity to screw this up (and people using different Bible versions) I am not going to give any Bible verse reference examples! I applaud you if you include a reference, but there are no extra points if you do 🙂

I haven’t seen anybody do this, but there’s nothing stopping you adding a short phrase or powerful quote about faith and personal strength. There’s so many good ones out there, a quick visit to Pinterest can confirm this!

  • Kind Heart, Fierce Mind, Brave Spirit
  • Trust in the Lord!
  • Prayer can move Mountains.
  • May God’s Light shine through you for the world to see.
  • Always hang on to God’s hand.
  • Trust in the Lord who gives strength.
  • God is within you, you will never fail.

Confirmation date formats

In addition, the date of the Confirmation can be added and formats vary:

  • February 23, 2017
  • 5-44-2019
  • 23rd March 2018

That last format on the list may seem weird, but it falls more into the proper etiquette if you are into that.

Featured photo: Cross image on Confirmation cake formed by cake sprinkles. Photo credit: wideonet.

In conclusion

That’s it! Now enjoy some cake!

Confirmation cookies shaped like a cross.
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A closeup of Confirmation cupcakes
How about Confirmation cupcakes instead of a traditional Confirmation cake? Find cute ideas to make your Confirmation cupcakes special!
Woman with a cake, wondering what to write on it.
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