Realtor Thank-You Notes, Not Just for the Closing!

If you want to optimize your real estate business, don’t overlook the power of realtor thank-you notes. As a realtor, you’re looking for every edge over your competitor. Small gestures like thank-you notes make a big difference in how your clients perceive you. The end goal: your clients will be talking about you in a positive light and happy to recommend you!

Big tip: realtor thank you cards and messages are not just for after the closing (realtor thank you card secrets below!). After deciding on your winning closing gift, add the last touch with a thoughtful thank you note or message.

Realtor thank-you notes are just one part of closing gift etiquette – visit our etiquette page to learn more details for pro realtors. If you care enough to send a thank you note, then you probably already know why realtors give closing gifts.

Jump to examples to write in your realtor thank-you cards.

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The importance of realtor thank-you notes

Realtor thank-you notes are more than just polite gestures; they are essential tools for realtors looking to strengthen client relationships. Here’s why:

  1. Personal Connection: Thank you notes show you care about your clients beyond the transaction. They humanize the business relationship and create a sense of connection.
  2. Client Loyalty: Clients who feel appreciated are more likely to return for future transactions and refer others to you. A simple thank you can lead to a lifetime of business.
  3. Positive Reputation: Sending thank you notes can enhance your professional reputation. Word-of-mouth recommendations often hinge on the personal touch you bring to your work.
  4. Differentiation: In a competitive real estate market, standing out is crucial. Sending thank you notes sets you apart from other realtors who may neglect this thoughtful touch.

Crafting a realtor thank-you message

A well-crafted realtor thank-you message should be personal, timely, and specific. Here’s a simple formula to follow:

  1. Greeting: Begin with a warm and personalized greeting. Use the client’s first name to make it more personal.
  2.  Express Gratitude: Clearly state your appreciation for their business and trust. Be sincere in your thanks.
  3.  Specific Mention: Mention a particular aspect of the transaction or your relationship that made it special. This could be their patience during a lengthy search, clear communication, or trust in your expertise.
  4.  Looking Forward: Express your excitement about their future in their new home or investment property. Mention your ongoing support and willingness to assist with future real estate needs.
  5.  Closing: Sign off with a warm closing, such as “Sincerely,” “Warm regards,” or “Best wishes.” Include your name and contact information for easy follow-up.
Couple reading a realtor thank you message to them.
Everyone likes to get a thank you card! Don’t overlook an opportunity to send a realtor thank-you note to clients and anybody else you do business with.

Who and when to send the realtor thank-you card

These real estate agent insider tips blew me away after I watched “5 Thank You Card Ideas for REALTORs” by real estate agent Michael Montgomery:

Michael advises against sending realtor thank-you cards in all of these cases:

  • referrals
  • anybody who has provided a service to you: a plumber, lawyer, barista, etc.
  • anytime you enter somebody’s house
  • after a listing or buyer presentation
Michael Montgomery does a fabulous job

For the last point, send a realtor thank-you note even if you didn’t get the listing. Listings expire, and the potential client could seek you out for real estate services.

Michael mentions how much he loves to receive thank you cards. Think about it. Most clients are going to have the same reaction, pleasantly surprised. He also offers other tips for writing notes on the back of business cards so your contact information is handy.

Lastly, be timely! Drop the card in the mail the next day. Buyers, especially, are excited after the close. That’s the prime time because clients share the good news with others and the realtor they worked with.

Visit our realtor closing gift ettiquette page to learn the answer to more etiquette questions!

Consider spreading out client thank-you notes

Make an intentional effort to circle back with the clients in the first year. After a few months, send a nice realtor-thank you note wishing them well and hoping that everything went smoothly for the move. Finally, mark the 1st anniversary of acquiring the house with a congratulatory card and note.

One realtor makes sure to send over a nice Christmas wreath for the door the first year.

Your name, after all, will be brought up numerous times with friends or family. Staying in touch that first year makes your clients feel you really did care.

Realtor greeting cards

Realtor thank you note stationary or realtor greeting cards are another opportunity to stand out. Purchase notecards from a local artist or photographs or artwork of the local community or geographical area.

Of course, you can use real estate stationary or letterheads, but a greeting card or note card is much more personal, along with your closing gift.

Handwritten notes are always preferable. If your handwriting is not legible, consider a typed message, but sign with a pen.

Beautiful realtor thank-you card with realtor-thank-you note enclosed.
Beautiful realtor thank-you card with realtor-thank-you note enclosed.

Realtor thank-you note examples: short form

Here is a list of short realtor thank you note examples. Messages should flow and sound natural. With a little practice, yours will too.

Welcome to your new home! May you enjoy this next chapter of your life as you build new, happy memories!

It’s been a privilege working with you, I really enjoyed our time together. Congratulations on finding your dream home!

I wish you many happy years in your new home. All my best, _____.

Congratulations on becoming a brand-new homeowner! You deserve this, I wish you many happy years in your new home.

I wish you and your family every happiness in your new home. It has been a pleasure working with you.

I hope you enjoyed the house hunting journey as much as I did. It was fun getting to know you better, you two are a great couple! I wish you all the best in your new home!

Realtor thank-you letter examples

In some situations, a longer thank you letter is needed. Check out these realtor thank you letter examples that are professional in tone and length.

Dear [Client’s Name], I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for entrusting me with the opportunity to help you find your dream home. It has been a pleasure working with you, I appreciated your enthusiasm and patience! I’m thrilled that we found the perfect property for you, and I can’t wait to see the memories you’ll create there. If you ever need anything or have questions down the road, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Warm regards, [Your Name] [Your Contact Information]

Handwritten thank you letter from realtor.
A handwritten note makes your realtor thank-you note even more impactful.

Hi [Client’s Name],

I hope you’re settling into your new home smoothly. I wanted to thank you once again for choosing me as your realtor. Your trust in my expertise meant a lot, and it was truly a joy to work with you throughout the entire process.

Your positive and patient nature, especially during the negotiation phase, were remarkable. I’m excited to see how you’ll make this house your own. If you ever need recommendations for local services or have real estate questions in the future, I’m here for you.

Best wishes,
[Your Name]
[Your Contact Information]

Dear [Client’s Name],

It was a pleasure working with you on the sale of your property. Your dedication to preparing the house for showings and your trust in my marketing strategy made a significant impact on our successful outcome.

I wish you all the best in your future endeavors, whether it’s finding your next home or pursuing other exciting opportunities. Remember, I’m just a phone call away if you ever need real estate advice or assistance.

[Your Name]
[Your Contact Information]


Sending thank you notes as a realtor is a simple yet powerful way to nurture client relationships, boost loyalty, and stand out in a competitive market.

Remember to make your notes personal, timely, and specific to leave a lasting impression. With these examples as inspiration, you can express your gratitude and build solid and lasting connections with your clients in no time.

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