MEGA LIST of Closing Gift Ideas for Real Estate Clients

Leaving a lasting impression after the real estate close is essential. The trick is to take an ordinary gift idea and boost it to a whole new – memorable level.

If your real estate closing gift ideas are a bit ho-hum, here’s a list of ideas that can supercharge your gift-giving slump. In true GGS fashion, I am here to help you avoid giving those bad closing gifts and help you leave the lasting impression of a realtor rock star.

Closing gifts means saying, “We value you as a customer!” To avoid any closing gift faux pas, check out closing gift etiquette. Don’t forget to attach to your closing gift the perfect realtor thank-you note. To learn more about the advantages and psychology to giving closing gifts, refer to “Why Realtors Give Closing Gifts.”

Cutting boards: top choice for the perfect closing gift

Realtors have an obsession with cutting board closing gifts. Real estate agents are pretty sure that they make the perfect closing gift.

I will admit that laser-engraved cutting boards look sharp. A custom-etched piece of wood with the client’s last name, initial, and short housewarming quote looks beautiful.

Realtors love them as a “wow” gift. It’s hard to resist adorably cute cutting boards, such as the one offered by CustomFastGifts on Etsy. The engraved cutting board says “HOME” but includes an image of the state where the “o” would be. “Home” and state shapes have been wildly popular on cutting boards.

Realtor Alisia Krastel has excellent tips on winning real estate closing gifts.

Similarly, consider a personalized charcuterie board. There’s one on Etsy that looks like a Swiss army knife, no kidding. Now ask yourself, as neat as it is, how many times of the year will you use it? I love my charcuterie boards, but it’s only for holidays. recognized that many of their clients were laser engraving their products. The beans have been spilled, folks; you are overdosing on engraving. Engraving your logo is a tax write-off, but at least do so on the back of the cutting board. Even though your clients like you, they don’t want to constantly be reminded of you daily.

The same goes for engraving knives. I will remind you of the Golden Rule and do unto others as you would to yourself. So… do you really want to keep a knife in the drawer that has advertising on it?

Don’t forget the Realtor Thank-You Note!

Personalized and useful client gifts

Personalizing for the sake of the customer is a different matter. There are some custom gifts that make good sense to clients who will be expecting an address change:

Personalized door mat, dog tag, address stamp.
A collection of personalized, yet practical closing gifts.

Practical closing gifts for real estate clients

Here’s a thought: a personal closing gift could actually be a burden to the new homeowner. Let’s ponder that. Giving more “stuff” to people who are in the process of packing up “stuff’ and then unloading their “stuff” is… kinda not thoughtful.

It’s hard to believe, but presenting a practical closing gift could make you more memorable with your clients.

ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Luxurious House Warming Gifts for New Home - Basket for First/New Home Owner Set with Cutting Board, Towel, Apron - Ideal Welcome and Housewarming Presents for Homeowners

Kidde Fire Extinguisher for Home & Office Use, 5-B:C, 3.2 Lbs., USCG Approved with Strap Bracket (Included)

T.HENV Door Mat Welcome, Outdoor/Indoor Heavy Duty Non Slip Doormat for Front Door Entance, Outside Door Mats for Home Entry Floor, Easy to Clean, Waterpoof Doormats, 30"x17.5", Black-Welcome A

Drumroll for the most practical closing gifts:

  • fire extinguisher
  • door mats
  • gifts for the kitchen
  • a gift basket of cleaning products
  • pre-paid pest spray
  • a free re-key of their new home
  • dog-walking service
  • pay to have buyers duct work cleaned
  • personal concierge service (help with unpacking, organizing, grocery shopping, running errands and help with setting up service calls and sit in for all installs)

Don’t forget the Realtor Thank-You Note!

When is a practical gift too practical?

Some realtors consider a home warranty a good gift. This covers various items in the home if they should break, such as the furnace. As practical as this is, it’s not a gift that leaves the new owner with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Realtors have picked up on this. There are some practical gifts that a new homeowner gets giddy about, like a new tool set. Remember Tim the Tool Man? The sweet spot is a handy and useful gift that leaves the client thankful for years to come.


Technology closing gifts for the home

Smart home gadgets are often well-received technology closing gifts. As in all gifts, make sure to get a read on your client if this gift will be gladly accepted. For those less-tech enthusiastic, scope out simple technology that is user-friendly.

Echo Dot (5th Gen, 2022 release) | With bigger vibrant sound, helpful routines and Alexa | Glacier White

ThermoPro TP19H Digital Meat Thermometer for Cooking with Ambidextrous Backlit, Waterproof Kitchen Food BBQ Grill Smoker Oil Fry Candy Instant Read

Blink Indoor (3rd Gen) – wireless, HD security camera with two-year battery life, motion detection, and two-way audio – 3 camera system

  • Echo Dot home hub
  • indoor security cameras
  • Nest Learning Thermostat
  • smart light switch
  • smart sprinkler system controller
  • smart meat thermometer
  • doorbell cameras
Smart phone in hand of homeowner; graphical display of controlling appliances from the smart phone.
Many new homeowners would gladly accept smart home technology for their new residence!

Closing gift baskets

There are people who are really, really good at giving the perfect closing gift basket. They’re like gift basket ninjas! Who doesn’t like to poke and peek to see all the goodies inside? Hey, it’s not only me, I’ve seen plenty of guys dig through baskets with excitement.

Giving a good closing gift basket comes with experience. It says you’ve taken the time to get to know your clients. Personalizing a gift basket begins with tucking in items between the oranges, coffee, and chocolates that are unique to the client.

Real estate agent presenting gift basket.
Make your closing gift basket memorable by tucking in some surprise favorites of the client.

Start by personalizing with a few items that are unique to the client. Maybe they like to read mysteries, love to garden, enjoy biking, or have other pastimes.

Remember the kids! Make them feel special with their gift basket, including backyard gamesa kid’s picnic table set, or fun pocket games. Parents will be thankful for the distraction that will help keep the mood light when dealing with moving in. One dealer included the kids by adding sparkling cider and plastic champagne glasses to “toast” the new home. Love this idea!

If the client has a pet, toss a doggie treat or cat toy just for them. Pets are part of the family and should be acknowledged, too.

Practical gift baskets for real estate clients

One realtor reported that their “goodie” closing baskets slowly transformed into more practical themes. Giving the home owner things that were immediately needed ended up being a better choice of closing gift. Some realtors reported that practical gifts garnished more positive feedback.

CRAVEBOX Snack Box (50 Count) Easter Day Gift Variety Pack Care Package Basket Adult Kid Guy Girl Women Men Birthday College Student Office School

CALBEAU 15PCS Microfiber Feather Duster Set Bendable & Washable with 100-inch Extension Pole Dusters for Cleaning High Ceiling Fan, Blinds, Cars, Furniture, Cleaning Tools Kit Gift for Women -Pink

California Delicious Meat and Cheese Gift Crate

Here are some practical gift baskets:

  • home survival kit: electric power cords, power strips, water leak detector, etc.
  • laundry basket or cleaning caddy filled with cleaning supplies, notespads, pens, toilet paper, dish soap, trash bags
  • move in convenience snacks: a small cutting board, a box of crackers, a nice block of cheese, and paper plates, forks, and glasses

Don’t forget the Realtor Thank-You Note!

Closing gift cards

Closing gift cards have been a long-time reliable thank-you present for realtors everywhere. Even these popular items can be done better. Take the time to listen to your client’s wants, needs, and interests.

Listen to clues, such as do they have a favorite store? Do they love to go out to eat? Have they listed what they plan to fix up on the house? How about a hobby?

If you want to upgrade your gift card game, include a list of your favorite things to buy from each place so your clients know where to start!

Home improvement gift cards. This is a fitting choice if the new homeowner plans on repairs, is a do-it-yourselfer, or intends to flip the house. Gift cards to Home Depot or Lowe’s are standard.

Landscaping service. New homeowners may have their eye on outside improvements, too. Having someone highly recommend lawn care services is always a comfort, especially when you are new to the area.

Restaurants and coffee shops. Introduce the clients to the cuisine of the area. Be the first to share the hot spots and favorites. Let them know which ones have the best wifi. Those insider secrets will make you fondly remembered.

One realtor makes arrangements for a local restaurant to make an exclusive customer discount in the realtor’s. They can then present a coupon/discount book with thoughtful notes. “Coupons” are a bit frowned upon, but it has the custom touch and works in this case!

Happy woman holding a gift certificate.
Some buyers and sellers would be thrilled to get a thoughtful gift card or gift certificate.

Breweries, wineries, or ciders. All of these mini-beverage experiences add up to the full-on local charm.

Dessert or ice cream shops. Here’s a twist (or ice cream twist?). Is there a famed local dessert bar in the area? Homeowners will want to reward themselves (several times!) throughout the moving-in process. It’s stressful, and little treats like ice cream or chocolate shops give a welcome break.

Moving costs. Consider a gift certificate clients can use toward their moving expenses.

Handyman gift card. Sure, a gift card to a home improvement store is thoughtful, but how about giving access to the handyman instead? In my nearby town are two guys who will provide home maintenance services you need. They will even hang pictures for you! Any clients would have no problem quickly using up this gift card.

Experience gift cards.

  • tickets to see a local sports team
  • membership pass to a local museum or attraction
  • wildlife tours/zoos
  • amusement parks
  • water park pass, pool membership

More on gift cards for your realtor gifts

If you have a good vibe about the client’s interest, go for a seasonal or year-long pass. Remember to keep gifts kid-friendly. If you’re gifting for a family with kids, choose an attraction that the whole family can enjoy, like a zoo or a kid-friendly museum.

It never hurts to cover the basics. Suppose you can’t get a read on someone. In that case, a simple card of appreciation, thanks, and gift cards to nearby restaurants and coffee shops around town will always suffice.

Choose a closing gift that is useful and highly fitting for your clients’ needs. These sensible gifts tell your client that you are thinking about their future needs and that you are still thinking about them long after the sale.

Aerial view closing gift ideas

Never in a million years would I have thought of this one. The aerial view closing gift idea comes from a realtor who lived in an island town. The availability of a tourist helicopter made it an easy gift. The client received a half-hour flight to view their property and the perspective of the overall topography.

Check around to see if a local pilot will do this. If you are looking for a unique gift, this will surely be memorable!

Aerial view of homes.
An aerial plane ride viewing the homeowner’s new property and region is definitely a unique real estate closing gift!

Artwork for a unique closing gift

One thing you can give a new homeowner a unique closing gift that they don’t have is an artist’s picture of the client’s new home. It doesn’t get more one-of-a-kind than this!

Your custom gift can be a pencil sketch, pen, ink, watercolor, etc. It’s easy enough to send a picture digitally to an artist. Don’t limit your imagination to canvas or paper; the image can be added to a flowerpot, slate roof tile, etc.

Charles Gasche House aka Ames House, Howey House: artist drawing.
Commissioning a custom home portrait painting or sketch is easy and makes an afforadable (and memorable) closing gift.

Photo credit, Don O’Brien, Flickr. “The artist, Charles Gasche, was born in Wooster, Ohio in 1846 or 1847 and became a well-known fresco artist. Later, working for the Caldwell publishing firm from 1873-1875 as a “sketcher”, his meticulous drawings of local landmarks and farm scenes were published in the 1873 Caldwell’s Atlas of Wayne County and of the City of Wooster Ohio. “In 1876, Charles Gasche began painting elaborate “pictorial decoration” on the interior of the Quinby Opera House in Wooster. It was completed the following year.  “Gasche’s sketches can also be found in the Ashland County and Holmes County atlases.”  Wayne County Historical Society of Ohio.

If you still like the original art idea, how about a gift certificate for a custom portrait, their choice! This can include a client and pet portrait or a photo of the couple in front of their new home (Fido can be in this picture, too!).

Here are some Etsy artists who specialize in home portraits:

A simple gift with a significant impact is a framed outline of the state the client is moving to. A heart icon marking the location of a client’s new home will surely bring a smile.

Give a gift with a story or local connection to an artist. A husband and wife team in my area makes breathtaking kaleidoscopes that the market worldwide.

Real estate agents who donate to charity

Many clients are in tune with real estate agents who donate to charity. I had a local builder choose to contribute in the name of their clients to the nonprofit I worked for. The husband and wife were thoughtful and hoped other businesses would follow suit.

A card was created with the official logo of our nonprofit. The owner calculated the yearly donation total on a percentage of the clients’ spending. Every year I would merge the message and print the cards out, and then give them back to the owner to send out herself.

Habitat for Humanity ground breaking in North Agusta, South Carolina.
Consider giving a donation to a worthwhile charity in your clients’ name. Habitat for Humanity is a popular cause. Credit: Savannah River Site

The message read:

Thank you for your business in 20xx!

We would like to thank you for your business by shedding a light on the life of a child. Because of YOU our annual donation of $xxx is being made to ______________ mentoring program. This gift will connect local youth to role models, giving them opportunities they may never have had.

Merry Christmas and
Best Wishes in the New Year!


How novel is this? Another mission that aligns with realtors is Habitat for Humanity. The Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity suggested that realtors give a closing gift that helps the community. They encourage agents to send a donation in their client’s name after the closing.

Client food gifts

Who would turn food down? There are so many client food gift options here, both online and locally. If possible, always go with the local option; if you can tie in a good story with it, you have rooted yourself in your client’s memory.

  • locally roasted coffee
  • locally brewed beer or wine
  • premium cuts of meat, high-quality steaks
  • certificate to a stone-fired pizza
  • unique eating event, like pitch-fork fondue
  • fancy meal in a nice restaurant
  • chocolate-covered strawberries
  • premium gourmet food basket

Make sure to take note of food allergies or alcohol preferences of your clients.

Meal Service: Moving is stressful, and a client’s last worry is running to the grocery store. Give them the gift of a meal service like HelloFresh. With all the ingredients shipped straight to their door and ready to be cooked, it’ll take the guesswork and stress out of post-move meal planning.

People shopping at local farmer's market.
Support the community by shopping local and introducing new clients to wholesome food from growers.

Local client food gifts show client appreciation

Finding a gift that supports small businesses around the area will surely add to the thoughtfulness of the present. Being the first one to introduce your new client to the best of the area is a great way to be remembered by them.

Garnish great tips on state food specialities or local foods by region just by surfing some YouTube videos like this one!

You could purchase a wine from a local winery or vineyard or a gift basket from a local chocolatier. Whatever you choose, be creative! The important part is finding items with deep connections to the local area and to package them into a special closing gift your clients will never forget. Maybe you know of a shop the locals prefer, or the best mom-and-pop cafe.

Just a few miles away from me is a family dairy making yummy ice cream. Visit the local farmer’s markets to forge a relationship with a regional grower – not only will you get wholesome food, but you can also, again, tie in a good story! Think about your favorite shops around town and their specialty, and go from there!

House closing gift ideas with a focus on history

There are so many neat historical slants that you can put on a closing gift.

  • a custom history poster about the new property
  • framed map of the client’s hometown
  • locate original photos of the original exterior, copy and frame it
  • collect local history on the property to provide to the new home owner
Picture of vintage newspaper and sod-covered house, old black and white photo.
History buffs will thrill at discovering the history of their house.

Property management binder for real estate files

Just as helpful as a welcome book is a property management binder. A lot of paperwork will be generated with the purchase of a new home. Let an Etsy creator do the work for you! Many sellers offer printable home management downloads. All you have to do is print them off and add them to a tabbed binder.

Avery Economy Showcase View 3 Ring Binder, 1.5" Round Rings, 1 White Binder (19651)

Avery Clear Business Card Organizer Pages for 3 Ring Binders, Pack of 10, Holds 200 Cards Total (76009)

Home Repair Record Keeper: Includes Schedules and Maintenance Logs

Things to include for a real estate management binder:

  • listing of the house
  • house pictures
  • business card holders
  • special notes on the property
  • maintenance section
  • suggested repair/home maintenance services in the area
  • your contact information and business card
home binder for new clients
A welcome kit for new homeowners is a practical and useful binder to organize all their important home papers. Binder photo credit: Dominic Zaidan, Flickr.

Congratulations! You have provided your clients a convenient landing place to keep all important papers together. No doubt, they will be reaching for it again and again. That is an excellent way to be remembered!

If the property is resold, these hard-working binders can even be handed over to a future buyer. The beauty is that once you set this up, it’s easy to recreate for prospective clients.

Welcome kits, a perfect closing gift

If you have a client new to the region or community, this is almost a must. You bet I would remember you as a client! Great welcome kits should contain:

  • directional guide
  • map of how to get to work, churches, etc.
  • welcome to the neighborhood guide
  • list of things to do in the area, farmer’s markets, etc.
  • list of restaurants, stores, schools, churches, etc.
  • historical and tourist highlights of the area

You might want to check with the local chamber of commerce first, as they may already have some welcome to the community basket. If so, fantastic. You can find a way to compliment what they are already doing or go in another direction.

Store owners welcoming new homeowner to community.
An information kit packed with things to see, places to go, and places to eat will be a fun start to clients new to the region.

Photo books of home building

Consider a photo book of the build process for new home owners buying a spec house. You can capture the “Sold!” sign in the front and stages of the build process. These pictures are indeed something that the owner would appreciate.

Vienrose Large Photo Album Self Adhesive for 4x6 8x10 Pictures Linen Scrapbook Album DIY 40 Blank Pages with A Metallic Pen

Luxury closing gifts

Luxury real estate deals should be treated in their own special category when it comes to closing gifts. Some suggestions that can bump up a luxury closing gift:

  • smart-home tech gadgets
  • high quality cutting boards such as
  • high-end kitchenware
  • fine crystal, like Tiffany. Crystal cocktail glasses were a hit with one client!
  • fine writing instruments, such as Visconti Van Gogh Fountain Pen
Luxury home.
A luxury closing gift should match the feel of a more upscale home.

Resources for realtor gifts for clients

Sources for realtor closing gifts:

The Paisley Box

In conclusion

A realtor gift is a bonding experience, acknowledging the journey you’ve shared with the client. If done right, it will leave a lasting impression on them. As one successful realtor put it, “The majority of my clients are clients for life!”

Woman realtor winking.
This confident woman realtor knows all the insider secrets for the best real estate closing gifts for clients.
Renee Cavvy
Renee Cavvy

Renee brings over 30 years of gift giving experience to holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, workplace and faith events. Every life moment is cause for celebration or those times in life when we need the "the gift of support". Her mission: Let's all be better in appreciating one another, put an end to meaningless gifts that clutter our lives, and give from a place of love and kindness. This midwest mom (and grandma) offers novel and creative ideas to do gift giving better!