Push Presents for Dads: Amazing Pregnancy Support

Think again if you think a push present is strictly a new mom’s gift. Push presents for dads are a way to show appreciation for dads who go the extra mile when their wives/girlfriends are pregnant.

New moms want to acknowledge and thank their partners for that. Although the term “push present” seems to be a restricted definition, it is also becoming a more common term for dads.

So yes, dads can get push presents, too. Some people might even name it a “catch” present – a play on words if the dad plans to catch the baby when it is born. Read on if you need help finding a push gift for your husband or partner!

Do you need to drop some hints to push present ideas? See jewelry push gifts or comfort push present ideas.

Should a push gift for dad be a surprise?

A push present for Dad doesn’t necessarily have to be a surprise (although surprises are fun!). The idea can come from an open discussion with your partner, especially if the gift costs a lot of money.

New dads (and moms) can get stressed over the financial challenges of having a baby and paying for everything that goes with raising a child. Being open about feelings over finances is an excellent way to start a new family.

Dad with baby and toddler child.
Not only could dad be an awesome first-time dad, he could be a huge help when there are multiple kids in the family!

Some people find push presents controversial. It’s best if you and your partner are on the same page. It would be very awkward if you, as the woman, presented a push present gift, and your husband came up with nothing. If you’re hoping he picks up on your wish list, he might fail you, which can lead to resentment.

Push presents can be joint gifts, too. A couple may agree to pool resources together and give a gift to themselves. A new baby-friendly car may be a push present to a couple – a discussion requiring open communication.

As with the mom push present gifts, there are low-cost ways to appreciate your man and gifts on the higher end of the budget.

Best time to give dad a push present

When is the best time to gift Dad a Push present? Options are similar to the timing of push present etiquette for moms. The difference is that a mom has to judge her physical condition after birth. She may have over-guessed her strength and mood and be in no shape to dig a present out of a hospital bag.

Giving a push present to a husband/boyfriend before birth may be the best opportunity. The quiet time waiting for the big event can feel like forever. Why not distract yourself and him by giving the push present gift beforehand?

Push-present gifts can always be given at home after the birth event. There will be a lot of downtime there, too.

Push presents for dads that have a special meaning

The term “push present” is a term used in recent history (see more on push present history and etiquette). However, husbands and wives have always given each other gifts at their child’s birth. A “tit for tat” – you get a push present; therefore, he gets one isn’t how it works.

Please think of the more significant meaning behind giving a push gift: it signifies the couple becoming a family. Actions and gifts that memorialize this new beginning are a reminder of an important life event of a family.

Dad giving his newborn baby a kiss on the cheek.
A dad sharing a moment with his newborn child.

Here are some pregnancy gift ideas that encase the love and meaning of the birth event:

Photos. Focus on gifts with meaning. Plan ahead to get that unique photo of Dad holding the new baby. The captured event can be added to a picture frame, canvas wall art, calendar, scrapbook, etc., to always be remembered.

Baby name tattoo. A new mom or dad may choose a tattoo to recognize the event and have a symbol of the event always present with them. Planning tattoos around life events is part of many people’s ink journey.

Books, cards, and letters of love. Take the time to write down why your partner would make a great dad. Then add why you love him and why he is a great husband/father. If you choose a blank journal/book, you can add loving and kind thoughts.

Push present gift ideas for dad with a dad-theme

Fatherhood is a new and exciting role. Why not get gifts that include your partner in a special way? Innovative new baby products targeted at dads have hit the market. Make Dad feel the important someone he is by gifting these push-present ideas:

Unique dad-themed books: board book, “Daddy and Me” books, a “Dad Jokes” book.

Dad merch: anything that says “World’s Best Dad” t-shirts, insulated cups, mugs.

Clothing. Fun, new baby family matching shirts. Dad bonding with baby shirt (some call it a skin-to-skin shirt. There is also a version called a dad’s baby shirt carrier. or a men’s hoodie with a baby pouch.

Dad with front-facing baby carrier, with baby taking a walk on a snowy day.
This dad is off on an adventure on a snowy day with his little child!

Dad’s baby gear. Get a manly dad diaper bag to make him feel more in his element when in charge of the baby. The Minimeis is a specially-designed lightweight shoulder baby carrier.

I had a name-brand hiking baby carrier and absolutely LOVED IT. I was looking for reasons to keep it, but couldn’t justify it anymore, and it was really quite big. I was impressed by how compact the Minimeis is, so check it out. Note that the baby will need to sit upright to be in it.

The specially-designed clothing and gear for dads include them in the parent team. One dad mentioned he would tuck the baby into a carrier while he did things around the house. It turned into a particular father-baby time that both looked forward to!

Celebrating Daddy “firsts” push present

I love this idea! I never thought of how meaningful it would be to let my husband have a chance to do some things with the baby first.

After the birth of our second child, I wanted my husband to hold the newborn first, much to the nurse’s surprise. He was a little surprised, too. It was vital that we really and completely “shared” the moment.

Dad changing a baby's diaper.
Let dad in on baby responsibilites by changing a diaper and other baby “firsts.”

You can package baby “firsts” in gift basket form:

  1. First diaper change
  2. First baby bath
  3. First feeding
  4. First dad joke
  5. First time dressing the baby
  6. First adventure with the baby
  7. First book

High-tech push presents that will delight dads

I’m sure your guy would love a new tech toy. Think of it as a last gift of youth before the responsibilities of parenthood enter the picture:

Young dad experiencing a virtual reality headset.
Tech gifts make fun (and secretly wanted) push gifts for new dads.

Go for Dad push presents that relate to hobbies and interests

Knowing your partner’s hobbies and passions is going to be critical here.

Hobby. Woodworking tools, golf accessories, workout or exercising equipment.

Entertainment. Subscription to Netflix or sports channel. Consider a subscription to Audible or a podcast channel. Purchase a book by a favorite author he is interested in, or subscribe to a favorite magazine.

Clothing. Clothing can be a name-brand fashion piece, like a fancy leather jacket. Remember hobby-related clothing, such as exercise clothing or hunting gear.

Father and son fishing.
Does your husband/boyfriend have a hobby? That’s a great place to start for push present ideas.

Choose a memorable jewelry push present for dad

Some men wear and like jewelry. A jewelry push present that is customized with an engraving, photos, dates, etc., adds to the sentimental value of the piece. If your boyfriend/husband dresses up frequently, there is suit-perfect jewelry to compliment his outfit. Consider this list of push-present jewelry ideas:

  • Watches are very popular items for push presents for fathers. A new Rolex or other luxury men’s watches.
  • personalized bracelets for men
  • photo necklace for him, such as a locket or laser-engraved picture on a dog tag
  • A tie pin or lapel pin with the child’s birthstone
  • footprint engraved on a keychain
  • GPS coordinates engraved on jewelry
  • jewelry with initials, such as a necklace
  • Zippo lighter

Visit jewelry push present ideas for pregnant women for more feminine jewelry ideas.

A collection of jewelry push presents for men: bracelets, watches, lapel pins, tie pins.
A collection of jewelry push present ides for men: bracelets, watches, lapel pins, tie pins. cuff links.

Pampering push presents for fathers

Dads like to get pampered, too!

Self-care products: Think beard oils, moisturizers, hair care, skincare for men, face masksmen’s grooming kit

Massage. Once your partner experiences a personal massage, they will probably wonder how to live without it! For men who have never experienced this, look for a male-friendly service.

Clothing. Expensive shoes or luxury items.

Accessories. Men’s luxury sunglasses.

Man looking into mirror, washing his face.
Dads appreciate luxury skin care products, too!

The best food push presents for dads

I’ll be brief here. As the wife/girlfriend, you probably already know your guy’s favorite foods. Consider snack, beer, or wine subscriptions for food push present gifts.

Food gift baskets are popular, too. The basket can be filled with favorite snacks. How about some Omaha Steaks or a subscription to a meal delivery service (both new mother and father would enjoy that!).

Receiving a subscription meal plan in-home; wine and beer gift subscriptions.
Thanking your guy with a push present? How about a subscription to a meal plan, and a wine or beer subscription?

How much to spend on a dad push present?

Some couples are willing to spend a bit extra on push presents. They may view it as a last “hooray” or “me-gift” before life becomes very children-focused. For some, the “adulting” part of their life begins.

Hopefully, you and your partner have been together long enough to agree on gift budgets. I had given a general guideline of a $50-$200 budget in the comfy push presents ideas article.

This is only a guideline. How much you want to spend is an individual and financial choice.

What moms really think of push presents for men

I commend any woman who can muster the time and energy to consider a push present for their husband or boyfriend. I was deeply touched by these comments from appreciative moms and wanted to share them. A push present should be given out of love; these women certainly feel it!

I plan to get him something after the baby comes to thank him for being so supportive during my difficult pregnancy.

I’ve been so weak and sick a lot, and when he’s not working, he’s taking care of just about every household chore, errand, and caring for me as well. I couldn’t ask for more of him. He’s been wonderful.

I’m getting my husband a push present. I would not have been able to deal with this pregnancy without him, and it’s important for me to show him how much I love and appreciate him!

My husband has been an absolutely amazing partner and I’d really like to get him a “push present.”

Dad with his newborn baby.
There are amazing dads out there who support their pregnant girlfriend or wife through the baby journey. Show the new dad your appreciation with a push present gift just for him!
Renee Cavvy
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