Avoid These Push Present Jewelry Mistakes

Jewelry is the most popular push present go-to for new moms who have given birth. There are so many push-present jewelry choices! In addition to materials, jewelry holds the unique position of gifting with meaning.

Some women admit they would like to pick the jewelry out if they have particular tastes. My husband picked out a stunning diamond necklace for me that I could only wear when dressed up for fancy occasions. His selection was excellent, but I feel bad that the diamonds only get worn a little.

Even women that are not jewelry fanatics treasure a once-in-a-lifetime gift. Read on to learn about unique traditions that add even more meaning and pitfalls to avoid when giving pregnancy gift jewelry.

Remember to get the timing right of giving your push present! Check out push present etiquette for unique ideas and considerations.

Push present rings and other jewelry

Consider these push present jewelry ideas:

  • birthstone earrings
  • eternity band, stacked birthstone rings, upgraded wedding ring
  • birthstone or diamond necklace
  • locket
  • bracelets
  • custom, artist jewelry
  • initials (mom or baby)
  • charms
  • watches

These are just the push present jewelry ideas that first come to mind. Paring the mom’s favorite materials with customization or engraving enhances the gift. I’ve got you covered! See below for adding emotional value to jewelry.

Planning future push presents: ideas for second baby

Planning out future push present gifts is worth mentioning. Jewelry can be added on to! Think of this advantage when shopping for a jewelry push gift.

Jewelry, such as necklaces or charm bracelets, is easy to slip on the next birthstone purchase. If you opt for a gemstone set into a ring, the stone for the second baby will require a return trip to the jeweler to inset. Stackable rings solve this problem (each ring is a birthstone band in itself – the mom stacks additional rings on as the next child is born).

Newborn baby and pictures of a necklace with initial and a charm bracelet.
Push present jewelry like initials (of baby, or mom and baby) and a baby charm for a charm bracklet necklace add more meaning to the jewelry gift.

Watch out for these push present jewelry mistakes

Let’s talk about a few caveats when it comes to gifting jewelry. Suppose you purchase anything with birthstones before the baby’s birth. In that case, Daddy could be sweating it out if the due date runs before/after the predicted month.

Some birthstones are not attractive. There, I said it. Some birthstones are not beautiful by themselves or paired with other birthstones. Just something to think about.

Even though a woman says she wants jewelry, they may find that jewelry gets in the way with babies (scratched, yanked, caught).

Another thing, don’t size rings pre-delivery. The pregnant mom may have swelling fingers and provide an incorrect size for the ring.

Birthstones in different shapes and sizes.
Birthstone gifts (rings, necklaces, bracelets) are meaningful push present gifts.

The business of memories: adding emotional value to pregnancy gift jewelry

When a woman looks at a piece of keepsake jewelry, it reminds her of the critical life event of bringing a baby into the world. It is something they will keep forever. That is why so many women treasure jewelry as push present gifts. It gets even more remarkable.

Lockets. Take a picture of the newborn, mommy/daddy holding the baby, or pregnant mother and print it out, and place it inside the locket. Consider leaving a spot to add additional babies.

Expandable jewelry. Jewelry such as a Pandora bracelet can have charms added to represent life events. Mother’s rings and necklaces can have birthstones added (necklaces work better if strung on).

New baby with head on mother's chest, mother is wearing a locket.
This push present baby locket was presented after birth, and will soon contain a picture of the new baby. Credit: Tina Lawson, Flickr.

Personalization. Birthstones are personal, as are initials, but how about engraving a message? One dad arranged to add the GPA coordinates of where he was born on the mother’s locket. Initials or dates of birth can also be engraved. Some people engrave the back of watches; only an expensive timepiece would be worthwhile.

Many jewelers offer complimentary engraving so you can give your jewelry gifts a unique touch. This present type may need to wait until after the baby’s birth for specific personalization.

DNA personal? A lock of baby’s hair can be tucked into a locket, but I’ll do you one better – a breastmilk ring. Yes, this is a thing. Jewelry made from the mother’s breast milk.

Future gift. The push gift can be planned for the child later in life. This is a tradition in some families, such as a sweet 16 birthday, 18th, or 21st. Some people save it for their daughter’s wedding day or daughter-in-law on their wedding day.

Don’t forget Dad when it comes to jewelry and memories. Dads can have push presents, too.

Last word about jewelry pregnancy push gifts

So many elegant jewelry ideas and merchants are ready to help you with the pregnancy gift. Gather ideas and learn about family traditions that can make your jewelry push present even more special. Give the jewelry push present in a quiet time. After all, this magnitude event of welcoming a newborn life should be given the complete honor it deserves.

Renee Cavvy
Renee Cavvy

Renee pulls no punches when it comes to challenging the social norms of gift giving. Her mission: putting an end to meaningless gifts and cutting through the fluff. This midwest mom offers novel and creative ideas to do gift giving better!