Comfort Push Gift Ideas to Delight Pregnant Moms

Push presents are pregnancy gifts to a pregnant or post-delivery mother. It’s a fun little thing to do and can add to the celebration of this exciting life event. Gifts can be small and sentimental, or expensive and large (like a new car!).

The bottom line, push presents can be watever you want them to be. Get creative in selecting a push present for your wife or girlfriend!

You’ll be happy to find plenty of non-jewelry ideas on this list. It can be difficult to locate push presents that are not jewelry. If you are a jewelry fan, check out push-present jewelry ideas. If you found a benefit in this GGS mega list, please share it with a friend!

If you need some great tips on the “rules” of giving push presents, check out the “Push Present Etiquette” article.

Happy pregnant couple with laptop.
Is this happy, expecting couple shopping for baby things online, or pushing presents for themselves?

Push presents show the pregnant mom you care

Everyone knows that pregnancy is a marathon event. As a guy, you probably didn’t know how much this race takes its toll. You need to understand what is going through your partner’s head and how it is emotionally affecting her:

Not only is the woman not feeling well for the nine months of pregnancy, but the post-birth can also be a wild, uncomfortable ride. Experiencing the miracle of life is profound. However, some women feel a bit forgotten after the new baby arrives. Don’t let your special mother, who has endured so much, feel invisible. Pregnancy gifts send a message that you care.

Finding push present success

A pregnant woman and new mommy deserve respect and admiration. Despite all of this, a woman might not want a push present (see the “Push Present Etiquette” article.

The list below is an excellent resource for those planning to give a push gift. You must know your partner and their likes and dislikes to make it a winning gift.

Some expecting moms may want to be surprised or will give a hint to narrow things down. If you know your wife/girlfriend has particular tastes, picking something out that they cannot return is a rookie mistake.

Push gifts are very subjective. I know someone thrilled to get a Roomba vacuum cleaner as a pregnancy gift. That won’t do for a gal with her heart set on diamonds. It’s better if a push present isn’t baby-related but mom-focused. She will be, after all, making tremendous sacrifices in the immediate future and the rest of her life.

Push gifts for the body

Pregnancy is an experience, shall we say, that beats up your body. Birthing is tough! I don’t want to be cliché and say, “Your body will never be the same.” Heck, have you seen Beyoncé’s body? Although she snapped her body back after having twins, in her words from her Netflix documentary, Homecoming, “I definitely pushed myself further than I knew I could. And I learned a very valuable lesson. I will never, never push myself that far again.”

It’s true; celebrities often go for outrageous push present ideas and the notion of perfect after-birth bodies. It’s nice to read this USA article that real celebrities admit the realities of postpartum changes on the body.

Scar left on the belly after a Cesarean section, otherwise known as a C-section after a non-vaginal birth.
Scar left on the belly after a Cesarean section, otherwise known as a C-section after a non-vaginal birth.

Body scars are one example of evidence of childbirth. Consider the scar left on the belly after a Cesarean section or a C-section after a non-vaginal birth. It is there as a daily reminder of the delivery.

Here are some push-present ideas with sensitivity to body changes/challenges:

  • massage, in-home massage, “medical” massage (special massages for pregnant women, known as “pregnancy massage”)
  • salon vouchers to get hair done
  • pedicures, manicures (see pregnancy myths about these)
  • microblading/microshading (making eyebrows look good) POST PREGNANCY ONLY
  • exercise equipment, Pelotons are popular
  • cryotherapy, red light therapy, (joovv is a product) POST PREGNANCY ONLY AND NOT WHILE BREASTFEEDING
  • tummy tuck/ sagging breasts repair/mommy makeover surgery
  • day spa or medical spa


Comfort push presents help with the aches and pains of pregnancy

I’ve established that pregnant and post-pregnant women often don’t feel good. A LOT of tender loving care is what the doctor ordered! Check out these comfort item pregnancy gifts that will make your special someone feel a bit better:

  • comfort food (see food list)
  • new bed/mattress/king-size bed
  • really comfortable pillows, silk pillow cases
  • comfy clothing: slippers/soft bath robe/cozy pajamas/spa socks, leisure clothing/sweatpants
  • massage (yes, I’m listing this again here!) and massage related items: a pregnancy massage chair
  • natural remedies for colds when other products are off limits
  • gifts that help with sleeping, such as a massage pregnancy pillow
  • “healing” support gifts such as pregnancy creams for stretch marks, or a pregnancy donut pillow
  • luxury skin-care items, chapstick, nice shampoos and body lotions, or luxury care product gift sets
  • soft and quilted toilet paper!!
  • breaks from baby, mental breaks, fresh air

A word on clothing. Both men and women may not realize this, but you leave the hospital with the same body you came in with. Your stomach doesn’t magically deflate after the baby comes out! You will continue to wear maternity clothes for a couple of months. My mom gave me a jogging outfit after I came home from the hospital. Thanks, Mom! I had yet to learn how long I would rely on that.

A husband giving extra large clothes as a post-pregnancy gift can be touchy. The mom might take it wrong and be hurt. But a best friend, mom, or sister giving it sends a different message. It says, “I got your back; we women gotta stick together!”

Or drop your wife/girlfriend off at the store and let her pick out clothes while you watch the baby. It can be a very personal and emotional moment for a woman to face the reality of a post-baby body. Partners need to be supportive of this!


Give the push gift of cleaning!

Do you know what the term “nesting” means? Nesting is an urge to clean and organize, considered an instinct in preparation for giving birth (American Pregnancy Association). Quite frankly, I’m insulted by that term.

Common sense told me there would be no time to clean the house after the baby was born. It is a very practical choice to clean before the baby arrives. I would also say that the desire for a clean house while pregnant comes from the feeling of having control over something in your physical environment when all else is out of your control.

In addition, a clean environment embarks calm and the feeling of well-being. Consider this when new parents are overwhelmed, unsure, and scared about caring for a new baby. Simply put, cleaning as a push gift is pure magic.

Consider these pregnancy gift cleaning ideas:

  • car detailing
  • deep clean house
  • deep clean kitchen
  • deep clean bathroom (shower, bathtub)
  • closet makeover
Pregnant wife on couch with laptop, husband cleaning floor behind her.
Cleaning is a valued gift to an expecting or new mom!

For my brother and sister-in-law, I stayed at their house and watched their little ones when they were at the hospital. I did all the laundry and made sure everything was clean upon their arrival. She said it was the best present ever, even bringing it up years later.

A professional house-cleaning or car cleaning is a nice present to give in advance. Splurge for a weekly cleaning service for the first few weeks/months leading up to and after the baby arrives.

Remember that, especially for a C-section, the woman will have medical restrictions on physical activity. If your wife/girlfriend is on total bedrest pre-pregnancy, having someone else clean is a must. For family and friends wanting to help, chipping in with the cleaning will be greatly appreciated!


Yummy food push presents (and healthy, too!)

Oh, dear! The food cravings, the nausea, the forbidden pregnancy foods, gestational diabetes! The list goes on and on – food is a central component of pregnancy. So let’s get on with it. Here are ideas for food gifts:

  • favorite chocolate or candy after gestational diabetes (don’t worry, she will tell you what she wants, and it better be packed in the hospital bag!)
  • foods that were off limits: tuna, salmon, seafood, raw sushi, raw fish, liver, organ meats, unpasteurized milk, cheese or yogurts, deli meats, alcohol
  • food from a favorite restaurant
  • gourmet food basket
  • healthy food basket, like fruit
  • comfort food like ice cream

It’s worth pointing out a few points about food choices. Fortunately for the husband/boyfriend, there is no guessing about pregnancy food gifts. Your woman will straight out tell you what she wants (I would suggest you do everything you can to fulfill that wish!):

Pregnant woman with plate of donuts.
Pregnant women give up many of the foods they love during pregnancy – they will want them all back after the birth!

Sushi. Pregnant women miss their sushi! This has been confirmed by many mom blogs and mom forums.

Alcohol. There are a lot of post-delivery requests for this, too (funny when denied a treat, you crave it even more!). The alcohol ban may extend through breastfeeding. Be a good guy and stop drinking in support of her, or at least stop drinking in front of her (that goes for all food she can’t have).

You could even present a nice collection of wine, hard ciders, and beers. Bon Appétit features a list of milk stouts that are safe to drink while breastfeeding, even having health benefits. The Bump has compiled a list of the best non-alcoholic and alcohol-free drinks to have while pregnant and after birth.

Coffee/Soda Pop. Can you imagine life without your morning cup of joe or your favorite pop? For caffeine reasons, pregnant women are discouraged to partake. They continue to be a poor choice during breastfeeding. When this food ban lifts, be ready! Make sure it’s not just any old coffee but a delicious brand of coffee!

Special diets. If your partner is on a restricted diet while pregnant, make an extra effort to find replacement foods. If she has bizarre food cravings, make it happen. Show your commitment by running out in the middle of the night for a jar of pickles!

Food from family and friends. From freezer meals, subscription food services, and neighbors dropping off casseroles, it is a huge help. My mother-in-law cooked a full dinner, dropped it off, and left, leaving my husband and me to savor it quietly. She did that for each child, and I will forever be grateful for this thoughtful gift.


Kindness and support push gifts every mom deserves

Pregnancy gifts for expectant or delivering moms don’t have to be material items. Kind actions and support are even more critical during this time of your life.

One woman declared that “My husband is my push present!.” He faithfully cared for her while she was sick during the pregnancy, ran every errand, took care of the chores around the house, and loved and supported her.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • As the father, are you present in the relationship?
  • Are you actively participating and learning about the birth process?
  • Are you tending to the needs of the pregnant mother?
  • Are you helping make nutritious meals to help nourish the mother?
  • Are you helping with cooking and cleaning around the house?
  • After the baby arrives, are you changing diapers, allowing the mother to get extra sleep and other tasks?


Emotional support ideas for new moms

Pregnancy is scary for both parents. There are many unknowns, dealing with unpredictable hormones, sadness, and overwhelm. As your partner’s primary support person, you need to support her. Here are ways to spread the love to your wife/girlfriend during and after pregnancy.

Say nice things. Lack of confidence is a shadow that covers pregnancy. Will I be a good mom? Will I know what to do? Am I doing what I’m supposed to do? Simply praising your wife/girlfriend and cheering them on through the pregnancy is what the mom needs and wants.

Husband giving pregnant wife a back rub.
The gift of kind and supportive words, and gifts that bring comfort will endear you to your wife forever.

One dad made a list of reasons why he thought his partner would be a good mom. He further added why he thought she was a good wife. Intentional and thoughtful actions are the thing that strengthens relationships.

Writing a gratitude letter. Proof that you have been paying attention is priceless. Let your wife/girlfriend know that you appreciate the sacrifices she is making. You can specify the thought by thanking her for going through all the physical changes of pregnancy, the pain and possible childbirth trauma, and the breastfeeding challenges.

It may seem unnecessary to say “thank you” to your wife, but to her, it means everything.

How about a love letter? Writing love letters might have been something you did when you were dating. Why should it stop now? Confirming your love for her is powerful, especially when her body image is tanking. Remember to tell her how amazing she looks!

You should take kindness even further: withhold judgment, don’t start fights, or make rude comments. Check yourself for the words that come out of your mouth that are not supportive!

If you decide to give a push present, continue being generous with your emotional pregnancy support!


Luxury push present ideas fashionable moms love

*Sigh* This is where I drop off, guys. There is a lot of name-dropping, and I have no idea what it means. I’m as clueless as you in the luxury gift department. I’ll be brief. Ladies want:

To be clear, only some women “want” luxury designer items. Your lady will probably drop some heavy hints for these. Some guys are savvy in this department. If not, you might have to ask for help from her close friends or family.


A high-end store display with luxury handbags and footwear.
Luxury push present ideas.

High-tech push presents: entertaining and practical for new moms

There are tech gadgets that are for pure fun and tech gadgets that are very practical for new parents. A high-tech gadget as a push present can make perfect sense, especially if you are looking for a push gift that is not jewelry. Honestly, I was surprised at some items women suggested.

Household luxuries. Two words: expresso machine. I am just the messenger, but it is a popular item that women lust for. Breastfeeding moms will have to wait for the good stuff after this stage unless it is decaf.

robot vacuum cleaner also tops the list of must-haves for new moms. Who thought? The mom can enjoy watching it vacuum while she breastfeeds. So go out and get your Roomba!

Push present hi-tech ideas: electronic games, cell phones, curling irons, espresso machines, virtual reality head gear.
Welcome to the wacky world of hi-tech push presents. Let your pregnant wife or girlfriend clue you in what she wants.

Not such a household thing, but a personal luxury item: a Dyson Airwrap. Word on the street is that women are daydreaming about these hair stylers that “curl, shape, and hide flyaways.” If not the Dyson Airwrap, there could be other luxury personal care products your wife or girlfriend would love.

AirPods, wireless or noise-canceling earbuds. Women report loving the convenience of making hands-free phone calls to the doctor or calling friends/family/husbands for support. Some people talk about drowning out the baby’s crying, but that is not a good idea (maybe that is a better suggestion for a push present for the dads!).

If you don’t have an Apple product (AirPods), Jabra makes a highly recommended pair for Android/Windows devices.

Dads (or moms) can listen to a favorite TV show without disturbing the sleeping partner. Wireless devices make caring for the baby more manageable and convenient.

Smartwatches. Smartwatches are another connectivity device. The mom can always have it strapped on, making it within easy reach. There are new uses and conveniences every day for these devices.

Tablets. something lightweight to grab for reading or looking up stuff for the baby. Kindles make great gifts for bookworms.

Gaming equipment. Nintendo Switch or PlayStations. I can’t imagine having time to play games after the baby comes. I’ve heard of several instances of electronic games being a good distraction while in labor. Oculus Quest (a virtual reality headset) is a popular splurge gift.

Smart home devices. Think of things to remote control household equipment or use hands-free voice assistants that allow playing music and checking the weather. Google Nest products and Amazon Echo are top-rated consumer smart devices.

Smartphones. Get ready to launch into the baby picture kingdom! With the advance of smartphone photography features, stand-alone cameras have dropped in popularity. Consider investing in a newer model smartphone. Even video has improved on smartphones, so that a separate video camera may be optional. Buying cloud storage may be what you need. If you’re into retro, a Polaroid camera and many films for the birth moment could be fun and unique.

Auto needs. I would have never thought of this one – tinted car windows—no hassling with pull-down baby shades. New moms and dads also appreciate that people can’t look at a baby. Remember a car phone holder mount for hands-free navigation with the baby in the car (per state’s regulations).


Subscription push gifts for after birth

Take any gift and give it as a subscription or package. It’s nice to have something to look forward to for the monthly ones. Subscriptions to Netflix and other media relieve mind-numbing boredom (day and night!)

  • tv and media subscriptions
  • cleaning service
  • flower subscriptions
  • Chocolate-of-the-Month club
  • a package for prenatal and postnatal massages
  • photography package, both prenatal and baby
  • baby care apps

One couple with twins splurged for a night nurse. I did not know that was a thing! They paid for five nights a week for 13 weeks. They said it was worth it – the babies slept through the night, 7 pm-7 am, without crying.


Unique and shared push presents for parents after the birth

Push presents could be a shared gift that the couple decides on, especially if the price tag is hefty. Some couples even see treating themselves as the last “me” gift before the baby arrives (expecting future shopping to be baby-focused).

A shared gift could be a vacation, experience, a photo shoot as a pregnant couple, or a new car (baby-friendly).

Man's hands patting dirt around a newly planted tree.
Push gifts can be as unique as planting a tree in honor of the new baby, and new family.

On the unique list, a couple may consider planting a tree. This symbol can be a touching reminder of the beginning of a new family. As most young couples are not in their “forever home,” it could always be planted or gifted on property encouraging such tributes. The mother or father may even have ties to land that has been in the family for decades.

Some families have the tradition of buying an original piece of art on momentous occasions. You can even commission some artists to create a painting or sketch, such as of a favorite location, building, etc. If that doesn’t appeal to you, how about a custom-made piece of furniture instead?

It will be more meaningful whenever you can provide a gift with a touch of personalization. How about picking flowers the day that the child is born and pressing them in a book? Turn pressed flowers into later keepsakes, such as bookmarks, framing, adding to jewelry, etc.
My clever neighbor would keep a copy of the local newspaper if it matched the birthdate of an acquaintance.


Finding your push present budget

I would never encourage people to purchase gifts that they could not afford in any circumstances. The family’s finances must be considered, especially with a new baby resulting in more expenses.

Push presents don’t have to be big, expensive gifts (tip: see the pregnancy kindness and support section above). I hesitate to put a dollar figure on it, as the money spent is very subjective. However, you can’t get off for a few bucks. For the average American income, a push gift can range in price from $50 – $200.

With that said, you do you. Your price range may be beyond what I am suggesting. It may be a one-time luxury gift that you want to buy for your wife/girlfriend. Keep your head, but give from the heart.

For more guidance in spending money on the push present gift, check out tips and rules for “Push Present Etiquette.”


In conclusion

A push present (while having a silly name) is a nice gesture from one partner to another (or a nice gesture in the case of surrogate or birth-mother scenarios) as a token of gratitude for carrying a baby for nine months and then giving birth. It doesn’t need to be expensive or elaborate.

“Push Present Etiquette” covers who gets a push present, when to give the push present, and typical push present ideas. Check out that article to gain a better understanding of the push presents tradition.

Parents should not feel pressured by peers or social media to give push gifts. Keep it personal and private. Whatever you decide to do, support and love each other. Remind yourself that you are experiencing a life miracle!

Overhead picture of mom and dad forming circle with hands; their infant in the middle.
Swoop in with comfort push present gifts for a new mom who has just given birth (with honorable dad mentions, too!).
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