30+ Gifts That Start With F (2024)

Looking for a gift that starts with the letter F? There are plenty of options to choose from, making it one of the most “flexible” options to gift under! Whether you’re shopping for a friend, family member, or significant other. From fun and quirky to practical and useful, there’s something for everyone.

These hand-picked curated gifts will speed up your shopping for your family or office gift exchange.

For the complete A-Z gift ideas visit the alphabet gift exchanges page.

Check out how to make a letter-themed gift basket, along with tips on including an alphabet sugar cookie!

Gift basket filled with presents beginning with letter F

How about a letter F themed basket? Tuck in both practical, thoughtful, and tasty gifts:

Sweet Prints Inc Varsity Letter F Cookie Cutter - Dishwasher Safe (Medium: 4")

MJartoria Dainty Initial Necklace Butterfly Letter F Pendant, 14K Gold Plated Cubic Zirconia Letter Dainty Chain Necklaces Jewelry Birthday Gifts Women Girls

Women Birthday Christmas Gift-Wedding Gift for Maid of Honor From Bride-Bridal Shower Gift for Bridesmaid Best Friend Sister-Bachelorette Gift-12oz Monogrammed Tumbler Wine Coffee Mug-Initial Letter F

Here’s a convenient list that links to gift ideas for all of the letters:

Letter F stocking stuffers/gift baskets

Letter-themed gift baskets should include a mix of fun and practical items. If you’re looking for a cute gift for a girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse (or whoever your kid brings home for Christmas) or something for Auntie or best friend, letter-themed gift baskets are the perfect go-to. You will want to stay on budget, since these small gifts that start with F can add up quickly.

Raeasily Fish Tank Decoration - Aquarium Accessories,Shipwreck Decor,Resin Material Sunken Ship Decorations for Fish Favors, Multi, 10 * 10

ROYAL BRUSH Silver Foil Engraving Art Kit, 8 by 10-Inch, Dragon Wolf, Black

BAYKA 34 Ounce 1 Liter French Press Coffee Maker, Glass Classic Copper Stainless Steel Coffee Press, Cold Brew Heat Resistant Thickened Borosilicate Coffee Pot for Camping Travel Gifts

Here is a list of cheap gifts that start with F to carry out your theme:

  • Figs
  • Fiddlesticks
  • Fruit
  • Fruit Loops cereal
  • French press coffee
  • Fudge
  • Fuji apple

Letter F toys for kids (stuffers & show-and-tell)

Here is a list of toys that start with F for the kids out there. These small letter F gifts are great to drop in a Christmas stocking. Or use the list for brainstorming a letter F “show and tell” object to bring to school.

Funko Pop! Star Wars: Star Wars New Classics - Princess Leia

  • Fire truck toy
  • Football
  • Frisbee
  • Farm animal figurines
  • Fisher-Price playset
  • Foam building blocks
  • Fairy costume
  • Flashlight toy
  • Finger puppets
  • Fishing game
  • Frozen toys
  • Firefighter dress-up set
  • Fashion doll
  • Foam dart blaster
  • Flute toy
  • Funko Pop figurine
  • Formula 1 toy car
  • Fidget spinner
  • Foam sword
  • Farm playset
  • Fireman Sam action figure
  • Furby
  • Foil fun art kit for kids

First name F gifts for him or her

First name gifts are clever additions to alphabet gift baskets. Be on the lookout for products that carry the giftee’s first name. The list below gives you an starter list. Personal care products work well, but if you can find a snack or treat item that starts with someone’s name, good for you! This won’t work for every name, but it’s worth trying.

Gifts for adults that start with F

I really enjoyed locating gifts for adults that start with F. The letter F is a great pick, because there is an abundance of letter F gifts, and good ones, too. These gifts are selected on the basis that they would work for adults, especially at a family gift exchange or office gift exchange.

Fanny pack

Fanny packs are so practical! Although I list funny fanny packs in the section below for funny gifts that start with F, fanny packs have proven over and over their practical worth.

Whether for sports use, hiking, tactical packs, or a fashion statement, there are hundreds of fanny pack design and styles to choose from.

People may make fun of fanny packs, but then they gear up with one they realize that they are insanely practical! I do believe they are coming back in style. Just jump on over to Youtube to see “reveals” of what users stuff in their fanny packs!

MAXTOP Large Crossbody Fanny Pack Belt Bag for Women Men with 4-Zipper Pockets Gifts for Enjoy Sports Yoga Festival Workout Traveling Running Hands-Free Wallets Waist Pack Phone Bag Fits All Phones

Fidget toys for adults

Don’t assume that fidget toys are only for kids, they make fun, low-budget toys for adults! Here are some popular searches for fidget toys:

  • Autism fidget toys
  • Bubble fidget toys
  • Bulk fidget toys
  • Fidget toy stocking stuffers

Fidget Dodecagon –12-Side Fidget Toys Cube Relieves Stress and Anxiety Anti Depression Cube for Children and Adults with ADHD ADD OCD Autism (B3 Blue Sky)

According to Very Well Mind, “Fidget toys are small, handheld objects that can be manipulated with the hands. These devices are intended to aid in self-regulation and help people with ADHD improve their ability to focus and better tolerate feelings of boredom, anxiety, and excitement.”

Amazon Fire Stick

Not everyone knows what an Amazon Fire Stick is, but most people know it can make your life better!

According to ZDNet, “The Amazon Fire TV Stick allows you to stream your favorite platforms on your TV.” It’s also helpful to know from the folks over at The Home Theatre DIY that “Connecting an Amazon Fire TV stick to a non-smart TV is simple, you just have to make sure your TV has an HDMI port and is 10-years-old or less.” If you don’t have an HDMI port, then you will need an an HDMI to component converter or an HDMI to composite converter.

All-new Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K streaming device, more than 1.5 million movies and TV episodes, supports Wi-Fi 6, watch free & live TV

As TVs slowly get converted to smart TVs, the need for converters will become less. Always check the requirements on your Amazon Fire product, as specs can change.

Caucasion grandparents sitting on couch with grandson, unwrapping gifts together.
Have fun with your Letter F gifts at the family or office gift exchange!

Folding table

Just like fanny packs, folding tables are a super-practical gift. Where I’m from, a card table and set of chairs make for a practical wedding gift. I find that small, 4 ft portable folding tables are ideal to setup for a quick project, or doing taxes.

There always seems to be a void where a folding table is needed – it really is a basic household tool.

Best Choice Products 4ft Plastic Folding Table, Indoor Outdoor Heavy Duty Portable w/Handle, Lock for Picnic, Party, Camping - White

Freeze dried candy

Freeze dried candy is the new craze that puts regular candy into a freeze dryer. This novelty food is surprisingly expensive, but popular none the less. It’s really the freeze dried Skittles that catapulted freeze dried candy into candy stardom.

Candy lovers adore the novelty of freeze dried treats. Consider giving a freeze dried candy variety pack for your giftee!

Freeze-dried candy is deliciously puffy, has intense flavor, never goes stale, and better for the teeth than gummed candy. Plus, freeze-dried candy can last up to 20 years!

Serenity Farmz Freeze Dried Eco Puff Candy Hand Crafted Small Farm 3.2 oz Packaging May Vary

Funko Pops

Toys for a Pound explains that “Funko Pops” are “small figurines renowned for their exaggerated features, including giant bobbleheads and oversized eyes. They depict popular characters from a wide range of leading franchises and genres, including DC Comics, Marvel, and Disney, alongside pop culture idols in various styles, poses and outfits.”

Funko Pops appeal to every age and interest and are collectible.

Even the Funko pets have a tie to popular culture. Below is picture Queen Elizabeth II with her Corgey dog; to the right is Professor McGonagall as a cat.

Funko 5858 Pop Movies: Harry Potter Action Figure

Funny gifts that start with F

As I said, letter F gifts are easy to work with, especially if your best word choice is “funny.” Check out these funny gifts that start with F for a fun family time!

Fly fans for tables

What?!? Yes, its a fly fan for the table. Someone had a Eureka moment and decides how wonderful it would be use fly fans for food on picnic tables to keep flies away. They are also referred to as fly repellant or bug repellant fans.

You can even get the fly fans shaped like the Eifle Tower! How cute is that! The fly fans come in different styles, and different models are battery or usb powered. If you have a loved one who can’t stand flies, get them a fan to keep flies away.

Most of the fly fans are off brands, but they’re pretty basic machines, getting good reviews on Amazon.

PATIOSIR Fly Swatter Fan for Outside or Inside Meal, Picnic Fan for Table Use, Fly Fans for Tables, Barbeque, Events, Battery Operated Food Spinning Fan(Black Color 2pcs)

Funny fanny pack

Funny + fanny pack = winner! Get your giggle on with a fat belly fanny pack The fat man belly fanny pack is very popular on Amazon, probably to pair with a costume.

Now, I know what your next question is going to be: what are funny things you can put in a fanny pack (yep, I saw that coming).

Funny Guy Mugs Space Cat Fanny Pack - Unicorn

Funny flags

FYI, funny flags are very popular for teen bedrooms and college dorms. Don’t let that stop you from giving a funny gift that starts with F at your alphabet gift exchange. Flags are perfect to cover a big expanse of wall, and even easier to quickly take down and fold up.

You can have a lot of fun wrapping it up, too, because it folds down pretty small.

RonningStar Jacob Elord Flag Funny Flag for Wall Hanging poster 3x5Ft Flag for College Dorm Living Room Decor (003)

Funny frog decor

Full disclosure – I love frogs! Your giftee doesn’t necessarily have to love frogs, they’re funny just like pigs are. I am obsessed with “Springer the Treefrog” character with red eyes by artist Julon Wrench. I’m not even sure if Julon Wrench is a real name, but his 3d digital art has been his claim to fame for French frog clipart.

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to license his clipart. I’m guessing that he sold rights to manufacturers to create frog statuary.

2 Pcs Funny Resin Frogs Decor, 3D Creative Craft Animal Frog Figurine Adorable Office Desk Toy Frog Gift Great for Computer Monitor Desk Decoration

Gifts that start with F for women

Looking for a fashionable gift for her starting with the letter F? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of some of the most stylish and trendy gifts that are perfect for any fashion-forward woman.


I couldn’t let gifts that start with F go without a mention of Fitbit watches. Unless you live under a rock (where I usually hang out), Fitbits are watches that monitor health and physical activity, according to the official Fitbit website.

Understand that their is an ongoing cost to using a Fitbit. According to CNET, the premium subscription is going to cost money to use all the features. However, according to iMore, you can still use your Fitbit for free, but the premium version will give deeper insights into your health.

Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness and Activity Tracker with Built-in GPS, Heart Rate, Sleep & Swim Tracking, Black/Black, One Size (S &L Bands Included)

Gifts starting with F for men


A flashlight is a practical gift that can come in handy in a variety of situations. Every couple of years, I toss small flashlights into my adult kids’ Christmas baskets. Whether you’re camping in the woods, want to be emergency ready, or just need to find something in a dark corner of your house, a good flashlight is essential.

Have you seen the glove flashlight? It’s hard to describe, so I’m adding a picture below: it looks really practical!

MOIPEJO LED Flashlight Gloves, Valentines Day Gifts for Him Boyfriend Men Husband, Cool Gadget Hands-Free Lights for Camping Fishing Repairing, Fathers Day Christmas Birthday Gift

Foodie gifts starting with F

If you’re looking for a gift for a foodie, there are plenty of options that start with the letter F. Take your choice of a fancy charcuterie board, fermentation kit, fondue set, fancy food baskets, flavored olive oil, french press, fruit infuser water bottle. Finish it up by taking the giftee on a food tour, and you have a winning F-themed gift!

No matter which gift you choose, your foodie friend is sure to appreciate the thought and effort you put into finding the perfect present.

JILLMO Fermentation Kit, 1.5 Liter Fermentation Jar with Fermenting Weights and Airlocks, 2 Pack

Fitness gifts starting with F

If you’re looking for a fitness-related gift that starts with F, you have plenty of options to choose from. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Fitness tracker

A fitness tracker is a great way to keep track of your progress and stay motivated. Fitbit is one of the most popular brands, but there are plenty of other options available as well. Look for one with features like heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and GPS.

Fitness Tracker with Blood Pressure Heart Rate Blood Oxygen Monitor, Activity Tracker Sleep Monitor, Smart Watch Pedometer Step Counter for Kids Man Women

Foam roller

A foam roller is a great tool for improving flexibility and reducing muscle soreness. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you can choose one that’s right for you. Look for one with a textured surface for added massage benefits.

TriggerPoint 13" Multi-Density Foam Roller - Relieves Muscles, Improves Mobility

Fitness apparel

New workout clothes can be a great motivator to get moving. Look for high-quality, moisture-wicking fabrics that will keep you comfortable during your workouts. There are many attractive fitness shorts for both men and women that will have you looking good while exercising.

Don’t forget the right fitness top to match your shorts for the perfect combo. Finally, update to a nice pair of fitness shoes to complete your workout outfit.

BALEAF Women's Workout Tank Tops Racerback Athletic Running Muscle Tank Gym Tennis Shirts Exercise Fitness Purple L

The gift wrap-up

In this article, you have explored various gift ideas that start with the letter F.

The next time you’re struggling to find a gift for someone, think outside the box and consider some of the unique and thoughtful gift ideas that start with the letter F.

That’s it! A FABULOUS list of gifts that start with F. Don’t forget to check out the complete A-Z gift ideas on the alphabet gift exchanges page

Gifts that start with the letter F.
Gifts that start with the letter F for girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife, and kids.
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