Practical and Playful Gifts That Start With Letter P

Hey y’all! We’re talking today about gifts that start with the letter P! Drawing the letter P for a gift exchange usually means you need a gift for a secret santa, white elephant gifts, office gift exchange, etc. This all translates to a budget. I’ve got you covered!

We have some pretty obvious go-to themes for the letter P, mainly Personalization and Portable gifts that start with P, be sure to check them out.

Hang in there, we start out with gifts for adults (practical and nice) and then move on to funny gifts that start with P. There are gifts coming up for him and her, too.

By the way, check out “How to Host an Alphabet Gift Exchange that Won’t Annoy Your Guests” for a complete alphabet linked list.

Gift basket filled with presents beginning with letter P

How about a letter P themed basket? Tuck in both practical, thoughtful, and tasty gifts:

Gifts that start with P for adults

If you want to stay in the nice and thoughtful category, these gifts that start with P are great ideas!


Who doesn’t love a comfortable pair of pajamas? Get him a cozy set of PJs that he can wear around the house or to bed. Look for ones made from soft materials like cotton or silk.


Hello? Where have you all been? Pickle ball has swept the nation. I mean, come on. My local town is talking about building pickle ball courts. This theme is ripe for gifts that start with the letter P:

Caucasion man exchanging wrapped  gifts with smiling caucasion woman.
There are so many great options for gifts that start with the letter P!

Puzzle presents

Puzzles are a great way to relax and unwind. They’re also a fun activity to do with friends and family. Choose from a variety of puzzle types, including jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, and Sudoku puzzles.

Or find a theme or hobby that compliments the giftee!

Funny gifts that start with P for adults

First of all, one of the rules for an alphabet gift exchange – there are no rules! I honestly would just go for the most in-your-face gag gift just to spite the whole idea of this type of gift exchange.

This is just as much about making yourself laugh as your friends laugh. Don’t leave any stone unturned in your search for a gag gift that starts with the letter P. Of course, this could blow up in your face when you think that something is funny and your friends and family don’t.

Personalized parking sign

If your friend has a sense of humor and a car, consider getting them a personalized parking sign. You can customize it with their name and a funny message, like “Reserved for the World’s Best Driver.”

Pooping dog gifts

I am a bit embarrassed to mention pooping dogs gifts. I almost have to mention it because I can hardly believe that it someone turned this into a real business model. Just to show the extent this has been taken to:

I really don’t know how the creator of these items tells their mom, “Yeah, I make pooping dog products.” They’re probably killing it at the bank !

Possum gifts

Technically, that is O-possum, but we will count it as gifts starting with the letter P. Not sure how you feel about possums. I have a bad memory of opening up a chicken coop in the middle of the night and one was peering out.

I think like pigs, possums are just one of those funny animals that are… funny If you agree, entertain yourself checking out some possum gifts. Special highlight: the Cream Possum in Coon Fat Gravy Garnished with Sweet Potatoes (yum!).

Prank pack

If you want to give your friend a good laugh before they even open their gift, consider getting them a Prank Pack. These boxes are designed to look like real products, but when your friend opens them, they’ll find a ridiculous item inside. The Prank Pack “Pet Butler” is a good option for animal lovers.

Funny puzzles

You no doubt saw the Pooping dog puzzle above – yes, it’s a thing. If you want to keep your gift starting with P in the funny category, you will want to select a funny puzzle.

Or go with the completely evil theme:

Anything pink!

Again, no rules. Visit your local thrift store and buy up anything that looks pink. Be sure to package it in a box that is wrapped with pink wrapping paper and a pink bow.

Don’t you think that people should be rewarded for cleverness? I do. This giphy is me laughing at my clever gift (OK, I might be the only one laughing at the gift exchange!).


Or go the easy route and pick yourself up some pink gag gifts.

Framed picture of yourself

What?!? No, I’m serious. This wasn’t for a gift exchange, but still is a hilarious idea. My nephew framed a picture of himself (a large 8″ x 10″) and quietly placed it in a corner of his grandma’s living room.

No one really noticed it until Christmas. Then, of course, we were all wondering why this one grandkid was treated more special than all the rest. We finally put two-and-two together and realized he planned the whole thing.

I think for effect, he strategically moved the framed picture of himself to a more prestigious place when we weren’t looking. It truly cracked us up – he definitely pulled one over on us!

Pig-themed gifts

There’s something about pigs that make them naturally funny.

Pizza-themed gifts

Allow me to rock your world. You can buy just about any pizza-themed anything (it’s almost scary).

Choose from a wide selection of pizza-themed gifts such as: pizza boxer shorts, pizza stationary. pizza blankets, pizza t-shirts etc. Add a really nice touch and make a pizza in the shape of a letter. Seriously, if you are not monopolizing on all the possible pizza gag gifts, you’re a disappointmenting me.

Prank kit

Is this a thing? You bet it is! Buy an entire prank kit for that blossoming prankster of yours. You might even blow them away – they probably didn’t know prank kits excisted, either!

Dancing pickle

Yes. There are dancing pickles. Why not, if there are singing bass fish, there’s no reason that there cannot be dancing pickles. Or just give a jar of pickles – no judgement.

Gifts that start with P for Her

Here are unique gifts for women.

Professional photography session

A professional photography session is actually a really good idea. From family portraits to boudoir shoots, to professional headshots for employment, there are plenty of options to choose from. Look for local photographers who specialize in this type of photography.

I know one family that splurged for professional photographs of grandma and grandma. For some reason, the grandma pics stuck with me. Grandma was decked out in a pretty apron, surrounded by all of her baked goods and canned garden foods and jellies.

The kids wanted a picture memory of their vision of grandma. What a neat concept!

Don’t forget the gift of photos, and I mean helping with photos. I keep bringing this up because I would really appreciate if someone helped me! Check out my article, “Give the Gift of Organizing Photos.”

Polymer clay cutters

Polymer clay cutters are used for making polymer earrings, charms, beads, and other craft projects. Polymer clay cutters for earrings. As you can see, polymer clay crafts are addicting – it’s easy to quickly accumulate accessories and tools.

The best thing to do is to get a polymer starter clay kit to try it out first.

Note: if you are trying to locate a Fimo clay cutter, I have only located one on Amazon, and it is marketed as a metal cutter. The Fimo metal cutters are affilated with Staedtler, a German company renowned for quality tools.

The Keoker and Kemper clay cutters are more readily found on Amazon, along with off-brand polymer clay cutters.

Staedtler Fimo polymer clay is a well-known brand of polymer clay The craft clay comes in multiple colors, making it perfect for making earrings.

Polymor clay ovens

You do not need a special clay to bake your polymo clay project. If you are a beginner to crafting with polymore clay, a home oven will do. The Youtube PolinaCreations said that she purchased a special polymore clay oven, but then it broke.

After doing some research, she says that small electric ovens with convection bake are the best, because the can assure even baking. Any toaster oven will work to bak Polymor clay projects. I love my KitchenAid Toaster Oven. The controls are simple and it does have a convection bake feature.

Gifts that start with P for Him

If you are looking for a gift that starts with the letter P for the special man in your life, there are many great options to choose from. Whether you are shopping for a birthday, anniversary, or just want to show your appreciation, here are some ideas to consider:

Pocket knife

A pocket knife is a practical gift that he can use for a variety of tasks. Look for one with multiple blades and a sturdy handle for durability. I get it, not everyone is into pocket knives.

I have a friend that specializes in making beautiful handles for knives. He has even made some for movie sets. Wished he had a website so I could promote him! The point is that you can elevate the gift by buying a limited edition knife, or a hand-crafted handle with knife.


If he loves the outdoors, consider getting him a paddleboard. It’s a great way to explore the water and get some exercise at the same time. I don’t want to be sexist that this is a guys-only gift. My girlfriend bought herself an inflatable paddleboard so she could independently go on adventures (she could squish it in her car and get to the local lake).

A paddleboard is a big comittment. You might want to try renting one for a “try before you buy” option. My husband and I rented kayaks and fell in love with them before we made our purchase.

These are just a few ideas for gifts that start with the letter P for him. No matter what you choose, remember that the most important thing is to show him that you care.

Personalized gifts that start with P

Personalized gifts are unique and thoughtful, and they can be tailored to the recipient’s personality and interests. Here are a few personalized gift ideas that start with the letter P:

Personalized photo gifts

A personalized photo gift is a great way to show someone you care. You can choose from a variety of products, including photo books, canvas prints, and photo mugs. Simply select your favorite photos and customize your gift with a special message or design.

I honestly never think of giving a personalized photo gifts. When I see them given I always think, that’s a good idea!

Personalized jewelry

Personalized jewelry is a thoughtful and unique gift that is sure to be treasured. You can choose from a variety of jewelry types, including necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Simply choose your favorite design and customize it with a special message or name. Great for both guys and gals:

No matter what your budget or style, there are plenty of gift options that start with the letter P for adults. Choose the perfect gift to show someone you care and make their day a little brighter.

Personalized phone case

Instead of that boring black phone case, splurge for a personalized phone case These make great gifts for someone who loves their phone, but are too cheap to get a nice phone case. You can add the recipient’s name, initials, or a special design to the case to make it unique. You can also choose a case that reflects the recipient’s personality or interests, such as a case with a favorite sports team or a case with a favorite quote.

Personalized water bottle

Initially, I thought a personalized water bottle was a dumb gift. My daughter’s boyfriend gave it to her for their first Christmas (I think I would have tried a little harder for a first boyfriend-girlfriend Christmas, lol!).

Jokes on me, it was a great gift. They’re college students and they trot around all the time with water bottles. Having your name on the water bottle helps not mix up with other people, or easily identify it if you left it somewhere.

The boyfriend also scored points by giving my daughter a quality Yeti waterbottle.

Portable gifts that start with P

If you’re looking for a gift that can be taken on the go, consider a portable gift that starts with the letter P. These gifts are perfect for anyone who loves to travel, work on the go, or simply wants to take their favorite things with them wherever they go.

Portable charger

A portable charger is a must-have for anyone who uses their phone or tablet frequently. With a portable charger, you can charge your devices on the go, without having to worry about finding an outlet. Look for a charger with a high capacity, so you can charge your device multiple times before needing to recharge the charger itself.

Note: I love giving phone chargers for gifts! I like to do a random gift basket of things for my kids at Christmas. Seems like our phone chargers are always walking off and disappearing. Sometimes you have to update your phone chargers, too. Two thumbs up for this Letter P gift idea!

Portable speaker

A portable speaker is a great gift for anyone who loves to listen to music on the go. Look for a speaker that is small and lightweight, but still has good sound quality. Some portable speakers even come with built-in microphones, so you can take calls hands-free.

I have family members who love to listen to podcasts and stream audiobooks. I have cars in the family fleet that don’t have audio jacks that plug into smart phones. The small, portable speakers are great for traveling in cars, working, or running equipment with cabs that makes it hard to hear.

Portable scanner

For anyone who needs to scan documents on the go, a portable document scanner is a great gift idea. Look for a scanner that is lightweight and easy to use, with good image quality. Some scanners even come with built-in memory, so you can save your scans directly to the device.

Note: my day job is working as a technology admin for a nonprofit. Staff are not always near a hard-wired scanner. USB scan wands make it easy to plug in directly to the laptop, and then process the image from their.

It’s true, some people just snap an image with their smartphone these days. For quality and legiblity, there is not substituite for a real scanner.

Portable projector

A portable projector is a great gift for anyone who loves to watch movies or TV shows on the go. Look for a projector that is small and lightweight, but still has good image quality. Make sure your laptop has all of the connecting ports or adapters. HDMI is the most common these days, but some laptops only have C ports, so pay attention. It’s a bummer when you can’t use the projector right away because you have to buy the right cord.

I would also recommend the projectors that come with built-in speakers It’s nice to enjoy your favorite shows without having to bring along extra equipment. My family likes to pop out the projector for family night (we often watch funny videos). Best money ever spent!

The gift wrap-up

Lucky for you that you drew the letter P for the gift exchange! There is an abundance of choices for gifts that start with P.

Get creative and think outside of the box – this article was just to get you started!

Renee Cavvy
Renee Cavvy

Renee pulls no punches when it comes to challenging the social norms of gift giving. Her mission: putting an end to meaningless gifts and cutting through the fluff. This midwest mom offers novel and creative ideas to do gift giving better!