Gifts That Start with L: Loads of Neat Ideas

Thank goodness you picked the letter L for your gift exchange! Lucky for you (pun intended) you have many options for perfect gifts that start with L. Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, holiday, or just because, these L-themed gifts are sure to stand out.

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Gift basket filled with presents beginning with letter L

How about a letter L themed basket? Tuck in both practical, thoughtful, and tasty gifts:

Gifts for adults that start with L

Your aim may not be to have the most thoughtful or considerate gift, but to get the biggest laugh. By the way, if the rules are, “there are no rules!” you are clear to have fun with this. Embrace it with these L-themed gifts:


Lanyards are a gift that can be used for many things. The good thing is that they come in all kinds of colors and decoration. I’ll include lanyards separately under gifts for men and women, but here are some popular all-around lanyard favorites:

Lanyards for a variety of purposes, including:

  1. Holding ID cards or badges: Lanyards are often used to hold ID cards, badges, or access cards for work or school.
  2. Carrying keys: Lanyards can be used to hold keys, making them easy to access and less likely to get lost.
  3. Accessorizing: Some women use lanyards as a fashion accessory, choosing lanyards with decorative patterns or colors to match their outfit.
  4. Holding small items: Lanyards can be used to hold small items such as lip balm, hand sanitizer, or small wallets.
  5. Sports or outdoor activities: jPeople who participate in sports or outdoor activities may use lanyards to hold whistles, water bottles, or other necessary items.
  6. Medical purposes: Lanyards can be used to hold medical alert tags or emergency contact information for women with medical conditions or allergies.
  7. Travel purposes: Lanyards can be used to hold passports, boarding passes, or other travel documents for easy access while traveling.
LIttle boy looking excitedly at gift that elderly man is holding.
Lucky for you to find these unique gifts that start with the letter L!

Laser tag guns

Laser tag games are great fun, especially for teens and young adults. To get started with laser tag, you can go to a laser arena in your local city or play laser tag at home. We all know that laser tag is more fun with friends, that’s why laser tag parties are so popular!

Amazon has made it easy to have your own home party, find all the laser tag equipment online to get your game started:

Don’t let your kids tell you this is a “kids only” game – there are plenty of moms and dads who like laser tag, too!

Leather fly swatter

I guess now I’ve seen everything – leather fly swatters. FYI, a fly swat and a fly swatter or used interchangeably according to Wikipedia.

A leather fly swatter is one more diy leather craft that a handyperson can easily make themselves. In fact, there are lots of Youtube videos that will walk you through it (see one example below).

Or skip the diy fly swatter and buy one off of Amazon:

Loop Experience ear plugs

Move over folks, there is a new ear plug in town. The Loop Experience ear plugs feature a loop attached to the ear plug that makes inserting and removing from the ear a breeze.

The super soft silicone material has an almost luxurious, premium feel. Cleaning is as easy as washing with warm water. The Loop removes the muffled sound of using a traditional ear plug, and allows you to clearly hear the sounds around you.

The “loop” part of the Loops range from silicone material, to translucent, to metallic. The metallic can appeal to those who want a more “jewelry” look.

Youtubers promote Loop ear plugs for noise sensitivity for those with ADHD or autism, and anxiety sensory overload. Even though the Loop Experience it touted as the general best overall, if your needs are for “library quiet” then I would go with the Loop Quiet.

Loop Quiet

Ideal for total focus, use for:

  • Sleep
  • Noise Sensitivity
  • Focus
  • Travel

With all Loops, you can engage in conversation without the need to remove the ear plug to talk with someone.

Loop Experience

Filter all sounds evenly, use for:

  • Music & events
  • Noise sensitivity
  • Focus
  • Motorcycling

*Loop Experience Pro has “mutes” that when you remove them, are equal to the Loop Experience, according to Thefumanchuu on Youtube.

Loop Engage

Avoid that “head under water” feeling, use for:

  • Social gatherings
  • Noise sensitivity
  • Parenting
  • Conversation

Thefumanchuu on Youtube has done an excellent job making a series of videos reviewing all of the models of the Loop ear plugs. Spoiler: she prefers the Experience.

Funny gifts that start with L

Laugh out loud hilarious at these fun gifts that start with L!

Laser pointer for cats

Does this ever get old? Laser pointers for cats are just as much fun for humans!

Are laser pointers bad for cats?

Laser pointers can be great for helping cats lose weight and mental stimulation, but need to be used with safety in mind.

-Pet MD

Lettuce ball

I find the concept of a lettuce ball rather funny, so it makes sense to highlight it here. Lettuce balls are holders to put lettuce in so animals can eat it.

Whether for pet rabbits or backyard chickens, the idea has taken off.

Funny luggage tags

My whole world is open – who ever dreamed of making luggage tags funny? Make your travel a little less stressful with these humourous luggage tages.

Letter L inspired gifts for Her

If you’re looking for a unique gift for the special woman in your life, consider choosing a gift that starts with the letter L. There are a variety of options that are sure to make her smile and feel appreciated. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Lanyard for women

Lanyards are another items that offers flexible gift options. Popular lanyards for women include:

Loeffler Randall dupes

According to Roandco Studio, Loeffler Randall is a DFCA award-winning footwear and accessories line founded in 2005 by Jessie Randall and Brian Murphy.

Women love their shoes, but not the high purchase price. Turns out, young shoe lovers are just as happy buying a similar looking, but less expensive pair, know as “Loeffler Randall dupes.”

What are “dupes” in fashion?

Dupes are close copies of originals (usually clothes, shoes, perfume, makeup, etc.). The dupes allow consumers to buy the close copies at a reduced price. “Dupes” stands for duplicates – and there is no deception to the consumer.

Which one is the real Loeffler Randall, and which ones are the dupes?

Lululemon Dual Pouch Wristlet

Grab popular Lululemon accessories for all of your casual needs.

Lululemon Athletica, commonly known as Lululemon, is a Canadian athletic apparel company that specializes in yoga and running clothing and accessories. The company was founded in 1998 in Vancouver, British Columbia, and has since expanded to over 460 stores worldwide.

Lululemon is known for its high-quality, technical athletic wear that is designed to be both functional and stylish. Their products are made from high-performance fabrics that are designed to wick away sweat and provide support and comfort during physical activity.

In addition to clothing, Lululemon also offers a range of accessories, including yoga mats, water bottles, and bags. The company has a strong focus on sustainability and ethical manufacturing, and has implemented a number of initiatives to reduce their environmental impact and improve the well-being of their workers.

Letter L inspired gifts for Him

If you’re looking for a unique and thoughtful gift for the special man in your life, consider choosing something that starts with the letter L. From luxurious accessories to practical gadgets, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Here are some Letter L inspired gifts for him:

Lanyard for men

Lanyards are another items that offers flexible gift options. Popular lanyards for men include:

The Bride brand has to do with Japanese-made car racing seats (it threw me off, too!). Sometimes in the advertising of Bride accessories, the words “JDP” are used, meaning Japanese Domestic Market.”

When searching for their accessories, try “JDM Bride accessories” to get a more highly-focused search results related to their car products. FYI, accessories include things like seat belt pads, wallets, car seat neck rests, and shift bar covers.

Laptop bag for men

If he’s always on-the-go, a stylish laptop bag is a practical gift that he’ll use every day. Look for a computer bag for men that’s made from durable materials and has plenty of compartments for his laptop, charger, and other essentials.

Lighted gloves

Welcome to the wonderful world of lighted gloves! Imagine having the power of lights on your fingertips… on your gloves! This concept is available through the Amazon website. Lighted gloves for working makes sense, especially in tight, dark corners.

The flashlights gloves or lighted fingertip gloves, are perfect for camping fishing repairing, Fathers Day, Christmas, and birthday gift.

Emazing Lights Shark Tank – rave light gloves

Some of you may remember the lighted gloves on the popular entreprenurial show, Shark Tank. Brian Lim explained that the latest dance craze called “gloving” – which is as “a dance show for glowing fingers.”

On January 9, 2023, the company shared on their Instagram account that after 13 years in business they have decided to close down. A ban on gloving in clubs and the pandemic, ultimately made it too hard to survive.ately made it too hard to survive. 

Shark Tank website

According to Dance Music Northwest, popular venues, such as nightclubs banned gloving, as it was seen by the public as promoting a drug culture. Dance Music Northwest defends the creative outlet of gloving with rave light gloves

The LED gloves remain popular, despite the gloving ban. LED gloves look like a lot of fun and would offer great family or teen entertainment.

The gift wrap-up

We hope this LOVELY list of gifts that start with L has been helpful. Even though the list of gifts that start with L meandered and was random, I think it made it all the more fun.

Don’t forget to check out the complete A-Z gift ideas on the alphabet gift exchanges page.

Renee Cavvy
Renee Cavvy

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