Gifts That Start With Z: Zantastic Gift Ideas!

Looking for a gift that starts with the letter Z? You may think that this is a difficult task, but there are actually a variety of options available. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a friend, family member, or colleague, there are plenty of unique and thoughtful gifts that start with Z.

I’ve found some amazing Z finds, such as ZÜCA bags, Z novelty gifts, and Zestar! apples to share with you. There will be no problem finding gifts for your giftee.

For the complete A-Z gift ideas visit the alphabet gift exchanges page.

Gift basket filled with presents beginning with letter Z

How about a letter Y themed basket? Tuck in both practical, thoughtful, and tasty gifts:

Unique Z gifts for adults

Looking for unique gifts for your friends or family members whose names start with Z? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are some unique Z gifts for adults that are sure to impress:

Zilicone Valet silicone spoon rest

Here is a quality budget item AND a gift that starts with the letter Z: a Zilicone Valete spoon rest. This handy little silicone kitchen utensil accessory provides a spot to rest a spoon in use. I always thought a spoon rest was a good idea, but never liked the idea of another ceramic plate to store.

There was something about the Zilicone Valet product pictures that caught my eye: the valet has a hole for hanging – next to your stove top is you wish. It is wide enough to provide a resting spot for other kitchen tools in action, such as slotted spoon, tongs, ladles. Remember that this BPA-free silicone is heat resistant. There are two sizes to choose from: 10″ Zilicone Valet and a 7″ wide Zilicone Valet.

To be fair, there are lots of silicone spoon rests of Amazon that come in lots of shapes and sizes. I don’t think any of them would let you down.

The Zilicone Valet would make a great gift for potlucks where serving utensils are set down. It’s cheap enough that you can get two and come in fun colors. If you’re looking for a practical kitchen gadget for a gift exchange (or yourself!) this is it.

Ziplock bag organizer

These wooden organizers for plastic bags are all the rage. They seemed like a good idea, but it wasn’t until I watched The Minimal Mom on Youtube that I became a believer. Dawn has a house full of kids and still manages to rock the minimalist lifestyle. I’m not “all-in” like Dawn is, but her passion and encouragement is like a fire under me purging my house.

Anyway, this woman who has no quams about throwing most stuff away and sizing down, has sung the praises of ziplock bag organizers. If it’s Dawn’s dirty littly pleasure, then that’s all the endorsement I need.

Find ziplock bag organizers (and plastic wrap, wax paper, and foil roll organizers) on Etsy or Amazon for yourself or a friend.

When buying a plastic bag organizer for the kitchen, here are some features to look for:

  1. Size: Make sure the organizer is large enough to hold the number of plastic bags you typically use.
  2. Material: Look for an organizer made of durable and easy-to-clean materials, such as plastic or metal, or wood (bamboo is popular).
  3. Mounting options: Some organizers can be mounted on the wall or inside a cabinet door, which can help save counter or drawer space.
  4. Accessibility: Choose an organizer that allows easy access to the bags, so you can quickly grab one when you need it. Some openings are larger than other organizers.
  5. Compartments: Some organizers have multiple compartments, which can help you separate different types of bags and keep them organized. Some ziplock bag organizers also come in separate compartments, rather than one big connected multiple organizer. This helps to add the boxes to a drawer in a way that fits your kitchen cabinet.
  6. Aesthetics: Consider the color and design of the organizer, as you may want it to match your kitchen decor.

Ziese wipes

If you’re looking for a gift that starts with the letter Z for a gift basket, toss in some Ziese wipes. Ziese wipes are glass cleaners for eyeglass lenses, computer screens, and camera lenses.

My kids are grown, so instead of Christmas stockings, they get Christmas baskets. None of them want trinkets and junk, so I fill it with practical stocking stuffers, like lens cleaners. What do I hear from them, “Mom, you have anymore of those glass cleaners?”

Practical gifts that do what they are supposed to do, really make the best gifts of all!

Zippo Lighter

A Zippo lighter is a classic gift idea that never goes out of style. These lighters are known for their durability and reliability, making them a great gift for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities like camping or hiking.

According to Zippo history, founder George G. Blaisdell set out to make a lighter that could perform well in windy conditions. George had such faith in his products that he trademarked his warranty, It works or we fix it free.™

Vintage Zippo advertisement, vintage fish Zippo, mixed cigarette lighter featuring Zippo lighters.
Vintage Zippo advertisement (credit:1950sUnlimited,Flickr); vintage Zippo fish lighter (credit Joe Haupt, Flickr); mixed cigarette lighter collection featuring Zippo lighters credit Joe Haupt, Flickr).

My own Zippo story: cleaning out my parent’s estate, I found an engraved Zippo lighter. The lighter was a gift from my mother to her father (my grandfather). My point is that Zippo lighters not only make a great gift, but are even handed down from generation to generation. Zippos are highly valued for their quality performance and craftsmanship – and are collectible.

Zippos make great gifts because they come in many different designs to choose from, including sports teams, hobbies and decorative/artwork lines. The etching, and 3d relief are popular Zippo styles. Zippo lighters can also be engraved with a message, or a custom photograph. You can even send in your own artwork for a custom Zippo lighter

Zippo makes other products as well: handwarmers, eyewear, and firestarters.

Etsy stores like BuckeyePrecision, Turner Laser Engraving and CustomizedGiftStore provide custom engraving. They can take a picture and engrave it, or add a name to your Zippo lighter – check it out!

Zodiac gifts

For a more personalized gift idea, consider gifting your friend or family member with a piece of zodiac jewelry. From zodiac necklaces to zodiac bracelets, there are plenty of options to choose from that will reflect their unique personality and style.

Even if your friend or family member isn’t into the Zodiac, the relationship of Zodiac to your friend or family’s birthdate is cool. According to “In astrology, a sign of the zodiac refers to one of 12 specific constellations of the zodiac that the sun passes through. A person’s particular sign of the zodiac is the one that the sun was in when they were born. It is a belief in astrology that a person’s personality can be predicted usin”g their sign of the zodiac.”

If your giftee isn’t into jewelry, there are lots of other zodiac gifts to choose from: blankets, tumblers, pillows, shirts, candles, cups, even toiletry bags. Next to birthstone and monogrammed gifts, zodiac presents are a nice way to add personalization to a gift.

A holiday party with Christmas tree in the background; coworkers exchanging gifts.
Consider a zodiac gift for your Z-themed gift exchange.

Zebra gifts

The world values the attractive black and white stripes of the zebra animal. If your friend, coworker, or loved one is a zebra lover or just loves the black and white zebra stripes, this is a zebra gift opportunity!

Zebra fashion clothing and accessories

Many a stylish woman and man have donned attractive zebra tops, scarves, pants, leggings, coats, shoes – anything to push the exotic and wild zebra print look. Zebra fashion wear has proved to be a timeless look.

Find zebra prints for dresses, zebra shoes, handbags, and other accessories (even zebra nails!).

HIspanic woman in zebra dress, caucasion woman with headphones carrying zebra bag, caucasion woman dressed in red on zebra bedsheets, closeup of zebra boots, zebra handbag, and chair covered in zebra print.
Zebra print gifts are popular for clothing, accessories, and home decor.

Zebra novelty gifts

The zebra theme continues, with zebra-themed gifts for fun and the home. How about a zebra stand to set your eyeglasses on? Or a Zebra onesie to join in on the adult onesie fad? Don’t stop there, purchase zebra journals and zebra artwork.

Apple Zestar!

I could have gone the easy route, and presented a zester tool. Turns out, that there is a popular variety of apple, known as the Apple Zestar! that is often misspelled as “apple zester”. Learn more about the Apple Zestar variety from the University of Minnesota.

First, let’s clear up that there is no such thing as an “apple zester.” If you’re searching for that, yolikely spelling this apple variety wrong – or you’re really looking for an “apple grater.”

Left: image of zester tool used on lemons; right: a crate of Zestar apples.

If that is the case, get yourself the Betty Bossi Apple Grater. Honestly, their really isn’t a dedicated apple grater out there, either (except the Betty Bossie). Any old cheese grater will get the job done. If you want to stay on the theme of gifts that start with the letter Z, select a zester, (or an apple grater and call it a zester) or locate some tasty Zestar! apples for a delicious Z-themed gift. Sites like will deliver them right to your door!

I have never grated apples. If you’re curious, grated apple can be used in a variety of ways, such as:

  1. Baking: Grated apple can be used in baking recipes, such as cakes, muffins, and breads, to add moisture and natural sweetness.
  2. Salads: Grated apple can be added to salads to add a sweet and crunchy texture, and to balance out the flavors of other ingredients.
  3. Smoothies: Grated apple can be blended into smoothies to add natural sweetness and fiber.
  4. Sauces: Grated apple can be used in sauces for dishes like pork or chicken to add a sweet and tangy flavor.
  5. Toppings: Grated apple can be used as a topping for oatmeal, yogurt, or pancakes to add a natural sweetness and texture.

Zebra brand pens

Wait people! I have one more zebra gift for gifts that start with the letter Z – ZEBRA pens. The ZEBRA pens tag line: “Find Zen in Your Pen” – who wouldn’t fall for that? Actually, that is the name of their mascot, “Zen” the Zebra. Oh, and their mission statement: “We earn our stripes so that we can create loyal and happy users.”

I would highly recommend watching the short video of Zen the Zebra walking you through all of the ZEBRA line of products. Kudos to them for an excellent marketing approach. Zen explains the company’s ink innovations, quality metal materials, and various pens designed to aid in creative expression – darn it, I want one now!

Zesty food for humans

I say “zesty food for humans” because I am in serious conflict with Zesty Paws products for dogs. Let’s step away from that… describes the term “zesty” as “full of piquant” (agreeably pungent or sharp in taste or flavor; pleasantly biting or tart).

In the U.S. culture, “zesty” has become almost synonymous with zesty Doritoes, zesty Italian dressing, or zesty spaghetti. They all taste good and would make a perfect Z-themed gift.

Or splurge for a zesty cookbook (personally, I would go for the food). Look for cookbooks that feature recipes with bold flavors and spices, such as Mexican or Indian cuisine. Zesty also applies to citrus, even desserts. Make sure you explore all the possible choices of zestiness in cooking! Your friend or coworker might love trying out new recipes and experimenting with different flavors in the kitchen.

ZÜCA bags

Calling all bag fanatics!! Have I got an off-the-charts awesome bag company for you today! If you’re looking for cool, novel, unique, and again, AWESOME, I have the bag that will be an stand out gift for your family, friends, girlfriend or boyfriend.

ZÜCA bags offer the usual selection of backpacks and luggage – and the unusual. The ZÜCA sport line is popular for the active lifestyle market: ice skaters, disk golf, cornhole, roller derby, and Irish dancing.

Irish dancing? Roller derby? Cornhole sports? This might be the most out-of-the-ordinary company that you are reading about today. You see, people with custom portable luggage needs approach ZÜCA with a shortfall, ZÜCA takes a look at the problem, and then often moves forward on a design solution.

According to the ZÜCA about page, their base bags have been a spring board of inspiration for many sports and outdoor enthusiasts, medical and other professionals. In fact, “ZÜCA Bags and Carts are now rolling under 40+ brands around the world.”

This video from a disc golf pro shop in Madison, Wisconsin, points out very practical ZÜCA bag features, and the ability to take out the insert (the actual bag) and upgrade at anytime with an improved or customized bag. The frame is built for forever, so take advantage of it! ZÜCA also makes non-cart bags, you can have the quality and craftsmanship of a ZÜCA bag without the jumbo all-terrain wheels.

ZÜCA wins big because it listens to customers. The use list of their bags will blow your mind. ZÜCA outdoor carts are popular across multiple passions: camping, target shooting, disc golf, general sports, fishing, and pet carriers. Their All-Terrain, the Disc Golf Cart, various Backpack Carts, and Compact Disc Golf Cart are fan favorites.

For the medical field, ZÜCA has worked with other companies to develop co-branded products: emergency response cart (Banyan/Healthfirst) and the MobileAid bag (based on the ZÜCA Sport) to serve the commercial and consumer first aid markets (LifeSecure)

It doesn’t stop there. ZÜCA is the bag of choice for rolling makeup cases, hairdressing carts, photography/videography carts, They are simply the world’s best rolling bag. Even if you only use the ZÜCA school rolling bag, the ZÜCA business travel bag, or ZÜCA shoulder bags, you are now part of the ultimate carry-all family.

Wait… there’s more! Create your own ZÜCA bag by choosing the frame color, bag design print/color, and for kid’s school bags, flashing or no flashing wheels! To quote ZÜCA, there are “dozens and dozens of choices” for the bag print – and they’re all cool ones!

ZÜCA bag accessories

So with all of this baggy goodness, does ZÜCA make accessories? Although ZÜCA makes bags for cornhole sports, it doesn’t make ZÜCA cornhole bags/sacks themselves at this time. It does happen to make a cornhole score sleeve.

The ZÜCA frame itself is designed to sit on, but it is admittedly not comfortable. You’ll want to pick up a ZÜCA padded seat cushion or make your own for comfort. Also look for organizing pouches to add to the inside of your ZÜCA bag.

This YouTube short also points out that certain ZÜCA roller bags for travel:

  • holds everything for travel (phone, bags, extra clothes, wallet)
  • easy to park at your board
  • are TSA approved for carry-on

If you need a bag, trust that you are buying the best, ZÜCA!

Funny and gag gifts

If you’re looking for a gift that will make your recipient laugh, consider a funny or gag gift that starts with the letter Z. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Zany socks

I’m loving this new zany sock craze, especially among men. How can anyone not crack a smile seeing a young professional in a business suit or business casual, with some wild sock peeping out beneath their trouser cuff?

Of course, teens and folks of all ages are having fun with their socks. Fun socks fit into the gift giving budget and it’s easy to find a pair that fit to a friend’s personality.

Socks with bright colors, bold patterns, and fun designs with animals or food are perfect for adding a pop of personality to any outfit. Have fun with it!

Funny zen garden

Zen gardens take a goofy turn. Have a chuckle with the Mini Zen Garden Kitty Cat Litter Box, a spooky coffin zen garden, or a mini beach theme.

Remember, the key to a good funny or gag gift is to keep it lighthearted and not offensive. Keep your recipient’s sense of humor in mind and choose a gift that will make them smile.

The gift wrap up

Congratulations! You have a good start finding gifts that start with the letter “Z.” From zebra gifts to a ziplock bag organizer, there are novel letter Z options to pick from,

We hope this ZENSATIONAL list of gifts that start with z has been helpful. Don’t forget to check out the complete A-Z gift ideas on the alphabet gift exchanges page.

Renee Cavvy
Renee Cavvy

Renee pulls no punches when it comes to challenging the social norms of gift giving. Her mission: putting an end to meaningless gifts and cutting through the fluff. This midwest mom offers novel and creative ideas to do gift giving better!