Gifts That Start With H for Home & Humor

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift that starts with H? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of unique and thoughtful gift ideas that are sure to make your loved one smile. From practical items to fun and quirky gifts, we’ve got you covered.

Whatever your friend or family’s interests may be, there’s sure to be a perfect H-themed gift out there waiting for you to discover.

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Gift basket filled with presents beginning with letter H

How about a letter N themed basket? Tuck in both practical, thoughtful, and tasty gifts:

Gifts that start with H for adults

Enjoy this curated list of gift ideas that start with the letter H!

Healthy gifts

Whether you have a friend who is trying to lose weight, or a health fanatic, healthy gifts are always appreciated.

Hero Arts

Hero Arts is a U.S based stamping business, boasting over 2,000 designs for the paper crafts industry. Although you can buy individual products, a monthly gift subscription is very popular.

Hero Arts has a huge fan following, with customers posting their creations on Youtube.

Hero Art favorites:

High-Tech Gifts Starting with letter H

If you are looking for a gift for someone who loves technology, you’re in luck because there are plenty of high-tech gifts starting with the letter H. Here are some of the best options to consider:

Asian man exchanging presents with Caucasion women with short-cropped hair.
Gifts beginning with the letter H can be for the home, health-themed, or funny!

Historical gifts

Want to give your history buff a gift that knocks it out of the ballpark? Go for a subscription to Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History. My entire family is addicted to it. In fact, they each went out and bought their own audio podcast subscriptions so they could independently binge watch the audio podcast series.

The Hardcore History series is so popular, that they find themselves re-listening to podcasts and introducing them to friends in the car they are traveling with. It helps that Dan’s voice is so easy to listen to!

Another plug: history you have no interest in will suddenly be incredibly intriguing, all thanks to Dan Carlin’s story telling skills.

A sampling of Dan Carlin’s Kings of Kings podcast episode.

Don’t overlook these other splendid ideas for your history buff friend:

  1. A vintage map or print of a historical location or event.
  2. A book about a historical figure or event.
  3. A replica of a historical artifact or antique.
  4. A subscription to a historical magazine or publication.
  5. A personalized family tree or genealogy chart.
  6. A historical board game or puzzle.
  7. A historical cookbook featuring recipes from a specific time period.
  8. A historical costume or piece of clothing.
  9. A historical walking tour or museum membership.
  10. Subscribe to an online geneology DNA insights platform, like

Hobby gifts

If you are struggling to find a gift for someone, always consider their hobbies. A hobby gift is always received with enthusiasm and shows that you have taken an interest in your boyfriend, girlfriend, family member, or exchange mate.

Here is a list of the top ten most popular hobbies, certainly there are tons of ideas hiding within each category!

Smart Home Devices

You didn’t think I would forget this one, did you? Build your smart home one feature at a time. My brother-in-law used a smart device to add lighting to a room that didn’t have it. You might be surprised the practical uses of smart home devices that can benefit you.

Funny gifts that start with H

Gift exhanges usually harbor on the funny, so let me help you out with some H-theme ideas.

Hand-holding socks

Share these darling magnetic hand-holding socks at your next gift exchange. These novelty couple hand-holding socks feature tiny hands with magnets that snap together.

Funny home decor

Add a little laughter to your homefront. These home decor and kitchen gifts are sure to bring a smile!

Silly hats for adults

Funny hats are so much fun! Think of hats for parties and hats for photo booths. Othe popular hat categories:

I’ll need to point out for that last one, that “chicken hats” isn’t necessarily for people. There is a whole goofy trend to put your backyard real chickens into costumes!

Gifts Starting with H for Him

If you are looking for unique and thoughtful gifts that start with the letter H for the special man in your life, you have come to the right place. Here are some ideas that will surely impress him:


If he loves to relax and unwind outdoors, a hammock is a perfect gift for him. It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors while taking a nap or reading a book. The cool thing is that there are so many types of hammocks to choose from!

Don’t limit your idea of hammocks to the traditional, backyard single person hammock. Heck, there are even hamocks that fit up to 6 people!

Hey Dudes casual shoes

Hey Dudes markets their line of men and women’s casual footwear as “the cushiest, comfiest, airiest, featheriest, lightest shoes on Earth.”

The fun prints and colors has built a cult following of the Hey Dudes name. Here are some popular Hey Dudes fan questions:

Do you wear socks with Hey Dudes?

Wearing shoes with Hey Dudes is a personal preference. The shoes are designed to be worn with or without socks; ankle socks look the best with Hey Dude shoes.

Although wearing socks with Hey Dudes is optional, wearing socks protects the inner lining of the shoe and absorbs foot sweat.

Are Hey Dudes waterproof?

The Hey Dudes website does not promote their shoes as being waterproof. The Hey Dudes shoe materials are canvas and suede.

How to wash Hey Dudes?

The Hey Dudes website gives specific directions on how to clean Hey Dudes:

Highland Tactical backpack

Highland Tactical bags are well-known for their quality and craftsmanship. Their military-grade line of products are available to the consumer. What women are to shoes, men are to these tactical bags! Delight and impress your male friend or family member with any of the excellent Highland products below:

Hydro Flask products

What is a Hydro Flask? A Hydro Flask is a popular insulated sports bottle. Don’t forget Hydro Flask bottle accessories! Look for lids with straws, handles, boots, brush, and cleaning kits.

Hydro Flask boot

As popular as Hydro Flask is, the accessories are just as popular. Take for example the Hydro Flask boot. The silicone boot serves several purposes: it protects the bottom of the Hydro Flask, it cushions it to fit snug into a cup holder quietly (no clanging around!).

The best benefit I can see for having a Hydro Flask boot is adding a personal touch to the water bottle – it’s like looking forward to picking out your cell phone cover.

Hydro Flask alternatives

The Hydro Flask Oregon based company makes a high-quality product, thus the fan following. However, there are other options out there for water bottles that are just as good as Hydro Flask.

The other players in town are Yeti water bottles and Stanley tumblers. Yeti is also made in the United States, primarily in the midwest, (Iowa and Wisconsin), with their Grizzley coolers manufactured in Decorah, Iowa. Stanley is the grandaddy of them all, a staple for workers packing lunch everywhere.

I can remember walking barefoot into the Iowa fields, toting along the iconic Stanley thermos. It was filled with icey water and a ham sandwich for my dad working the fields. FYI, their website is because that is how long they have been in business!

All of these products are supurb – I could not recommend one over the other!

Gifts Starting with H for Her

If you’re looking for a gift that starts with the letter H for the special woman in your life, you’ve come to the right place. Here are great examples for gifts that women like:

Hair dryer

You’re probably thinking what is so great about a hair dryer? Plenty, my friends.
A hair dryer is not just a hair dryer, there are special situations that need to be considered.

For example, you friend lives may live in an apartment and doesn’t want to disturb the neighbors, or housemates and needs a quiet blow dryer. Think of camping – you don’t want to wake the neighbors up in the campground, do you? Having quiet blow dryers are important in working with pets, too.

It would be impossible to get a silent hair dryer, but one quiet model is the Panasonic Ionic. Zen Soundproof on Youtube reviewed four quiet hair dryers, but he was quick to point out that you sacrifice blow power over quiet.

Hero cosmetics

Hero Cosmetic’s marketing slogan is “revealing the hero within.” Their products focus on preventing, treating, and reparing skin issues. Their most popular products:

The gift wrap-up

We hope this HAPPY list of gifts that start with h has been helpful. Don’t forget to check out the complete A-Z gift ideas on the alphabet gift exchanges page.

Renee Cavvy
Renee Cavvy

Renee pulls no punches when it comes to challenging the social norms of gift giving. Her mission: putting an end to meaningless gifts and cutting through the fluff. This midwest mom offers novel and creative ideas to do gift giving better!